Dec 31’s top 5 events of the past week are out and number one is the NBA All Star Game:

  1. 2013 NBA All Star Game
  2. Big East Tournament
  3. NFL Pro Bowl
  4. Disney On Ice
  5. Elf

With the basketball season heating up, fans are looking forward to the midseason all star weekend which brings out the best and brightest stars the league has to offer.

Another all star event, the NFL Pro Bowl, also made the list this week.

Come back next Monday to see what events move up or down and which new ones crack the top 5!

Dec 28

America has always had dual obsessions with fame and murder.

These two themes have always moved newspapers and attracted viewers. Since 1975 the classic musical "Chicago" explores this obsession, following the murderous acts of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly and the national attention that surrounds their trials.

Set in Prohibition‐Era Chicago, the musical illuminates the Jazz age and America's focus on pretty people performing ugly deeds.

The musical, a recipient of countless Tony Awards, exposes audiences to the nature of celebrity, changing gender roles in the 20th century, and the fluid nature of justice.

In "Chicago," Roxy and Velma compete for the attention of their mutual lawyer, Billy Flynn, along with the attention of the national press.

It becomes obvious that in order to avoid prosecution for their heinous murders, the two must present themselves as innocent victims instead of murderous criminals.

In 2000 the Academy Award winning film rendition of Chicago reintroduced Americans to this genius musical.

The film is great but there’s nothing like seeing Chicago on Broadway!

Fans can expect the seamless jazz songs and dancing accompaniment that made the play a classic.

Expect to hear the same strong vocals from the cast and be ready to laugh at the strong humor coming from the darkest of scenarios.

The musical is performing at New York's famous Ambassador Theatre, find your tickets at Select-A-Ticket and witness the "Razzle Dazzle" for yourself!

Dec 27

Sometimes it's tough being a Knicks fan. The era of Patrick Ewing ended with the 20th century, and hard times fell on the team. However fans remained faithful to the New York Knicks, patiently waiting for the team to show new signs of life. It seems as though this season may just be the year for the Knicks, rewarding the fans for their support.

Led by head coach Mike Woodson, the Knicks are showing signs of life that weren't readily evident since the mid 1990s. The team's superstar, Carmelo Anthony, seems to have found his most effective style of play nailing shots inside and outside of the arc while facilitating points for the rest of the talented Knicks. Anthony is backed by NBA superstars Rasheed Wallace, Amar'e Stoudemire, Tyson Cahndler, and Jason Kidd, all assuring fans that the New York Knicks are in it to win it this year! Sporting one of the best records in the NBA, along with unmatched statistics, this does seem to be the year that fans were waiting for. Spectators marvel at the team's ability to move the ball around the court, avoid defenders, and sink the long shots that have led to numerous victories.

Lin‐sanity came and went, but the New York Knicks are here to stay. Don't miss what is sure to be a memorable season. You can purchase tickets here to see the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden, and watch the team continue their hot streak well into the playoffs.

Dec 26

Not everyone has the power to collect the world's greatest guitarists to play together. But not everybody is Eric Clapton! From April 12th to the 13th, Eric Clapton is hosting "Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival".

Clapton, the only person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, has assembled some of the world's most prominent guitarists to play at this festival.

The lineup consists of contemporary musicians like Citizen Cope, Gary Clark Jr., Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban, insuring a large following of young music enthusiasts.

However those fans from Clapton's era will not be disappointed. Classic Rock acts include Jeff Beck, the Allman Brothers Band, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal and many more!

The festival consists of thirty different acts, each providing a different perspective of the power of the guitar, the instrument behind countless songs that we have all lived through to enjoy and cherish. The Crossroads Guitar Festival will be staged in Madison Square Garden, a venue with plenty of room for the huge range of fans that desire to witness some of the greatest acts in the history of American music. Clapton’s annual festival provides fun for musicians and fans alike. Fans can rest assured that this mission will be accomplished given the star-studded lineup.

To have two nights that you will never forget, purchase your tickets at Select-A-Ticket!

Dec 25

In 2004 Phish fans collectively exhaled in frustration and sadness in discovering that the band would break up. Many fans worried that the only things that they had to remember the band were their old CDs and tattered Phish shirts. But there is good news! In the past few years, the legendary band has been playing three or four sets annually. From December 28 to December 31 Phish is gracing Madison Square Garden with their presence!

Phish, comprised of lead singer and guitarist, Trey Anastasio, bassist Mike Gordon, Jon Fishman on drums, and Page McConnell on the keyboards and vocals, gathered a huge following over their twenty years performing together. Every concert is art, for the jam band never plays a song the same way twice. Songs that are short on their albums find themselves being extended into ten minute ballads that outdo the genius of their recorded music.

It's now been nearly 9 years since the breakup that rocked the world of jam band enthusiasts. Yet the band's following continues to grow, aided by old CDs, bootleg concert recordings, and hand me down tie dye Phish T shirts. Old and new fans are welcome to attend the Madison Square Garden shows to see the rock legends tailor their classics into music that nobody has ever heard played in the exact same way.

The band seldom performs these days, so don't miss your chance to see the marvel of Phish, the greatest jam band since the Grateful Dead! Now is your chance to snag tickets from Select A Ticket, and see Phish at Madison Square Garden!

Dec 24

"A Christmas Story" is a movie that has brought families together to laugh during the Holiday season since its release in 1983. Children and parents laugh at young Ralphie's undying desire to receive a Red Rider B.B. Gun for Christmas, though everyone warns him that he will shoot his eye out.

Along the road to Christmas, Ralphie finds himself in and out of trouble for the things children do, however through his point of view, each misstep could be his end. However the film has become a long-lasting Christmas classic, for it illuminates the importance of family during the Holidays. It is not the Red Rider B.B. Gun that is truly important, but instead the strange, but loving family that gets him through the mistakes of his adolescence.

But we've seen the movie so many times! Families can quote Ralphie and his foul‐mouthed father word for word. Countless children have flailed in panic as they tested whether or not their tongues would stick to a frozen metal pole. But now is your opportunity to watch this classic with a twist!

This holiday season, New York City's Lunt‐fontanne Theatre will be staging "A Christmas Story!" Don't miss your chance to purchase tickets in order to reintroduce yourself to the story as if you are seeing it again for the very first time! In this time of giving, it is good to know that gifts like this will be remembered by family and friends for years to come. There is a limited opportunity to purchase your seats from Select‐A‐Ticket as "A Christmas Story" has its final performance on December 30, 2012.

Dec 24

Last week’s Top 5 events saw some major national sporting events crack the list, have a look:

  1. 2013 NBA All Star Game
  2. Big East Tournament
  3. Rod Stewart and Steve Winwood
  4. U.S. Open Tennis Championship
  5. The Book of Mormon

Also making the top 5 is the tour featuring Rod Stewart and Steve Winwood, two of rock’s most distinctive vocalists together in one show and The Book of Mormon is still one of the hottest shows on Broadway, now it is touring cities across the country and selling out theatres all over.

Check back next week and see what makes the list and have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Dec 21

In what can only be described as a frustrating chain of events, the NHL announced they have canceled games through January 14.

It is beginning to look more and more like there will be no NHL season for the second time in just 8 years.

Should they lose another year of games, would there be any fans to even come back to in 2013-2014.

Fans of the great game of hockey have been disrespected by the owners, league officials and even the players union time and time again. There is only so much they can be expected to accept or let slide. Given the problems in the world, it is hard to feel sorry for billionaires and millionaires trying to decide how to split up their money. For the average fan it is hard to even put your head around it. The ridiculousness is off the scales!

Bottomline is, most of us who love the game just want to see some hockey. While other leagues are not terrible options, the NHL is the best. It is the only thing the fans want, just play the game.

To settle this matter once and for all, we are talking long term solution here, the NHL may have to contract some teams in underperforming markets which have simply proven not to be viable. Phoenix for one simply should no longer have a team. After years of success in the 90s, the future of the Dallas Stars is questionable at best. The Florida Panthers have been terrible for years and cannot draw fans. The once proud New York Islanders have become one of the most embarrassing franchises in sports due to horrible management decisions.

The only way to get out of this mess is revenue sharing. The rich can’t keep getting richer while the poor teams lose millions and millions of dollars each season and cannot ice a competitive team.

Revenue is said to have reached $3 billion dollars for the league last year yet there are still teams struggling to survive?! How is this even possible and how is this not the most logical answer? Split the revenues evenly with perhaps a bigger bump going to playoff teams and the Stanley Cup Champions to add a little incentive to actually win, not just go through the motions. The rich teams will still make money and the struggling teams will be saved.

They need to end the lockout, they have done so much damage to the league as it is, another lost season may be the final nail in the coffin for the NHL.

Dec 21

Two weeks ago the Giants held control of their own destiny, if they were able to win the final 4 games of the regular season, they would seal a first place finish in the NFC East.

A 52-27 victory over New Orleans made it look like the Giants were going to deliver on that scenario but then last week they were thumped 34-0 at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons.

That loss combined with the resurgent play of the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins has resulted in the Giants being in a 3 way tie for first place with those teams, all three holding a record of 8-6.

While the Giants play the 4:25pm game at Baltimore, they’ll already know how their divisional rivals fared Sunday as the Cowboys host New Orleans and Redskins visit the Eagles, both 1:00pm ET starts.

In the final week of the season the Giants will play the Eagles at MetLife Stadium and the Cowboys and Redskins face off against each other at Washington.

Due to the final week’s matchup, one of the Cowboys or Redskins will suffer at least one more loss (unless they play to a very rare tie). In either event, it will help the Giants versus at least one of these teams.

The ideal scenario for New York is to take care of their own business by defeating Baltimore and Philadelphia. Then having at least one of Dallas/Wash lose this weekend, then whichever one loses this weekend, wins the next weekend. Giving the Giants a record of 10-6 and both of the other teams finish 9-7.

But that’s all wishful thinking, right now the only thing the Giants need to think about and the only thing they can have any influence over is whether they win or lose. Go out, do their jobs and hopefully we’ll be seeing them defend their Super Bowl title in the NFL playoffs!

Dec 17

Last week saw some urgency among college football fans as the Rose Bowl and Cotton Bowl each broke into the Top 5 List:

  1. Rose Bowl: Stanford vs Wisconsin
  2. Bon Jovi
  3. Rod Stewart and Steve Winwood
  4. Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M vs Oklahoma
  5. WWE Wrestlemania XXIX

Check back next week to see what events make the list for this week — any guesses? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Dec 14

There is only one more home game remaining for the New York Jets this season, that game is December 23 versus the San Diego Chargers. Tickets are available for this AFC matchup.

While the Jets have had their share of disappointments this season, they cling to an 8% chance of reaching the playoffs this season, according to the system used by

There are two other games still on the schedule as the Jets travel to Tennessee this weekend and then the final week of the regular season they travel to Buffalo. It is not outlandish to suggest the Jets could win all three of these games and give themselves a shot at an AFC Wildcard Playoff berth. There’s still hope, Jets fans!

Dec 12

In a move that is getting mixed reactions from their fans, the New York Yankees have signed former Boston Red Sox third basemen Kevin Youkilis to a one year, 12 million dollar contract.

Now everybody knows the Yankees and Red Sox are among the most bitter rivals in all of sports so to have yet another former Boston player come to the Bronx has some fans up in arms. Previously the Yankees have had Wade Boggs, Roger Clemons, Johnny Damon, oh and some fella named Babe Ruth(!), make the switch.

This season however the Yankees find themselves in need of a third baseman with the injury to Alex Rodriquez expected to keep him out of the lineup until at least the July All-Star break.

So the signing of Youkilis, while it addresses a need, it is still not going over well with some fans who have learned to dislike this player while he’s been with Boston.

As long as he produces while wearing the pinstripes, I am sure the fans will warm up to him in no time at all but should he struggle – look out! The Bleacher Creatures will be after him in full force.

Now is not a bad time to start thinking about picking up some tickets to Yankees games for next season, baseball isn’t on everyone’s mind right now and you might be surprised to find some great seats available just before the holidays.

Dec 10

These events were the top 5 on last week — take a look and see what people are buzzing about:

  1. The Book of Mormon
  2. Brooklyn Nets
  3. Bon Jovi
  4. A Christmas Story
  5. Jeff Dunham

The Book of Mormon has taken Broadway by storm and now it is touring across the country. Interest in this show is through the roof so it is no wonder that it tops the list this week.

Of course Bon Jovi touring again is big news and their hometown shows at MetLife Stadium are going to be amazing!

Check back next week to see what events make the list and if any of these remain, it changes quite often and usually has an interesting surprise or two!

Dec 7

Following an extended hiatus from touring, Fleetwood Mac is back and will not only be playing over 20 shows in 2013, they also plan to release three new songs!

Pretty exciting news for fans of Fleetwood Mac, a band which dates back to the late 1960’s. Despite a multitude of personnel changes over the years, Mick Fleetwood has been the glue that’s held the band together and the one main constant force behind their existence.

Together with the fantastic guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, bassist John McVie and the iconic Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and the band will be playing some of their greatest songs live night in and night out on this tour.

From their super hits of the 70s to the pop hits of the early 80s to the three new singles yet to be released, fans can be sure they are going to get a full does of what Fleetwood Mac has to offer and enjoy every minute of it!

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to see Fleetwood Mac in concert. With shows scattered throughout the country, there’s a good chance that they are playing within driving distance of you — if you are a fan, it will be worth the trip to pickup some Fleetwood Mac tickets and head out to the show. You will not be disappointed, they are a great live band and these members have not missed a step over the past 30+ years together.

Dec 5

Just a few days after the announced matchup of Syracuse vs West Virginia in the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl, tickets are already in short supply and high demand.

With relatively short travel distances for both fan bases, it is not a surprise that tickets are being snatched up so quickly.

This year Syracuse will be making their second Pinstripe appearance in three years and the VERY popular West Virginia Mountaineers will play their first Pinstripe Bowl. Syracuse won the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl against Kansas State in a thrilling 36-34 victory.

West Virginia’s avid fan base is well known as one that travels so the short trip to New York City during the holidays is no challenge to hardcore WVU fans.

The Pinstripe Bowl takes place at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, December 29 at 3:15pm.

This matchup of former Big East rivals is going to be a good one and fans in the know are already securing their Pinstripe Bowl tickets. If you are interested in seeing this game, now is the time to get yours, too!

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