Jun 27

The top five events on SelectATicket.com for the past week were:

  1. Winter Classic Tickets
  2. Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Tickets
  3. The Book Of Mormon Tickets
  4. Toby Keith Tickets
  5. U2 Tickets

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Jun 26

It was announced by Major League Soccer earlier this month that New York Red Bulls coach Hans Backe will be coaching this year’s All-Star Game at the Red Bull Arena.

Since the Red Bulls have a home game only four days before the big event, and the MLS does not allow coaches to miss any trainings with their teams, Backe was the ideal man for the job.

The former Swedish player was among the final contenders for the 2010 coach of the year honors. The 59-year old lead the Red Bulls to immense improvement, so much so that the club matched the best improvement in one season in the history of the MLS.

With Backe on their side, there’s no telling what this year’s All-Stars can accomplish against Manchester United.

Major League Soccer will host English powerhouse Manchester United for the second consecutive year at the AllStar Game. The 2011 All-Star match will be held on Wednesday, July 27 at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

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Jun 25

It comes as no surprise that tickets for The Book of Mormon have been on Select-A-Ticket’s Top 5 Events list. Less than three months ago New York’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre welcomed a new musical to Broadway, and now audiences cannot get enough.

This year The Book of Mormon lead the Tony Awards with 14 nominations. Not to mention this foul-mouthed comedy took home the most prestigious award of the night, best musical. The show took a grand total of nine awards home, just missing the record number of 12 Tonys set by The Producers.

Brought to you by the dirty masterminds of television’s satirical “South Park,” The Book of Mormon features an original book with hilarious music and lyrics by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Composer and lyricist Robert Lopez of Avenue Q also was behind the genius book of this musical.

The book is just as expected it would be coming from Parker and Stone, as it is filled with wildly offensive jokes, but is still completely candid and hilarious on a range of topics including AIDS and religion.

“The Book of Mormon” is now open, with performances scheduled Tuesday-Sunday at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in New York City.

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Jun 21

In professional baseball these days, teams change constantly as fans have no say in who is on their favorite team. But there is one game every year in which the fans get to decide who gets to play. Fans are able to vote for the starting lineups of the two teams and watch them play a good game of baseball. This game is the Midsummer Classic, known more often as the All Star Game!

This year the game will take place in Phoenix, Arizona at Chase Field. The National League, fresh off of a victory from last year’s All Star Game, will consist of star players from teams like the Pirates, the Phillies, the Mets, and Diamondbacks. Players on the American League team are from franchises including the Orioles, the White Sox, the Yankees, and the Tigers.

The All Star Game is a tradition that has been around in baseball since the 1930s and is to this day an extremely anticipated event. Tickets are also available to see the annual Home Run Derby, which showcases some of the MLB’s greatest power hitters competing in towering home runs.

So come out on July 12 to see some of your favorite baseball players compete in an exciting and action packed game!

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Jun 20

The Top 5 Events on SelectATicket.com last week were the following:

  1. Motherfucker with the Hat Tickets
  2. Glee Live Tickets
  3. Elton John Tickets
  4. Wicked Tickets
  5. Paul McCartney Tickets

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Jun 18

It seems hard to believe that “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” has been around for half a century. Now this year marks the play’s 50th anniversary, which has sparked its first revival on Broadway since 1995! Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe stars in the current run of the play, which is based on Shepherd Mead’s 1952 book with the same name.

The production begins June 18th and shows won’t end until December 24th, leaving audiences the opportunity to see it as many times as they please! And to those of you who doubt Radcliffe’s acting chops on a live stage: You really have no need to worry. In 2008 Radcliffe received very positive reviews for his lead role in “Equus.”

The play follows Finch, a window washer, who finds a book whose cover is graced with the very title of the play. With it he is able to work his way up the corporate ladder of a company called World Wide Wickets. But after a while Finch reaches difficulties that his book can’t help him with and he must use his own knowledge to attain his success and avoid sabotage.

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Jun 17

It seems that baseball fans either love or hate the Yankees but whichever side you are on there is no denying the fact that they are American icons. The Yankees symbol is seen everywhere in American culture and has been worn on the jerseys of legends like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, and Joe DiMaggio. The list goes on and it will continue as every generation will have a heroic Yankee to tell our kids and grandchildren about.

Yankees fans are now soon to witness a living legend accomplish one of the most coveted feats in baseball. This legend is Derek Jeter and he is on the verge of getting 3000 career hits, making him part of one of baseball’s most exclusive clubs, among the likes of Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Pete Rose, and 23 others. Jeter’s 17 season career has been very consistent and this crowning achievement will confirm his status as another Yankee that goes down in history.

Along with Jeter are other countless All Stars like CC Sabathia, Mariano Rivera, Alex Rodriguez, Andruw Jones, and Jorge Posada. Together they are working to keep the Yankee’s legacy as the winningest team in baseballs history alive with another World Series Championship!

The New York Yankees will play their next game in Chicago against the cubs on Sunday, June 19.

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Jun 14

On New Year’s Day, the Washington Capitals weathered the rain storm and conquered the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-1 in the National Hockey League’s 2011 Winter Classic. This was the 4th annual of the Winter Classic, which featured a thrilling matchup at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Since 2008, the NHL has maintained the tradition of playing an outdoor hockey game every New Year’s Day. This year’s Winter Classic will follow the outdoor tradition will be held on January 2 instead of the first day of the year.

Rumors of where the 2012 Classic will be held and what teams will participate are making their way around the media. NHL sources have confirmed that Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park will host the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers in an all out hockey battle.

The Winter Classic is an exciting annual event for the NHL as it created heated rivals and takes the game back to its roots in the great outdoors. The 2012 Winter Classic will most likely be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 2, 2012.

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Jun 13

The Top 5 Events on SelectATicket.com last week were the following:

  1. Wrestlemania XXVIII Tickets
  2. U2 Tickets
  3. New York Red Bulls Tickets
  4. New York Yankees Tickets
  5. MLS All Star Game Tickets

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Jun 11

On Wednesday, June 8, the 2011 the fan ballot for this summer’s MLS All-Star game was launched. The top six players from each of the MLS teams were nominated to appear on the fan ballot for a total of 108 players. Fans will select the first 11 players who will compete in the All-Star game.

The 11 players with the highest combined votes from voting online, through twitter, or via text message by July 5 at 11:59 p.m. will compete as an All-Star this summer at the Red Bull Arena.

There are a total of 32 talented players that the MLS will name All-Stars, and 11 of them will be selected by the fans. The remaining 21 players will be selected by a combination of players, MLS Commissioner Dan Garber, the media, and the All-Star coach.

The game’s final 32-player roster consisting of 13 midfielders, 8 defenders, 7 forwards, and 4 goalkeepers will be announced on Monday, July 25.

For the second consecutive year, Major League Soccer will host the English powerhouse at the MLS All-Star Game. THe 2011 All-Star match will be held on Wednesday, July 27 at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

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Jun 10

Want to witness a rock god perform the songs that elevated him to that level? On July 15 Sir Paul McCartney will be at Yankee Stadium in New York City to be doing just that! McCartney, the legendary Beatle, has written songs that have changed lives and the way in which rock music is made will perform on July 15th.

McCartney’s songs, which include famous numbers like “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Hey Jude”, “Yesterday”, and “Band On The Run”, will echo through the stands, which are usually reserved only for diehard Yankee fans.

Paul McCartney, who also started the highly revered band Wings, has been called by many, “the greatest composer of the millennium.” His songs are known word for word in probably every country in the world and nearly at the age of 70 he is showing no signs of stopping!

Nobody knows what his setlist will include, but with the size of McCartney’s arsenal of hits there is no doubt that you will leave more than satisfied! The show is his first at Yankee Stadium, however he has played several times at the historic Shea Stadium dating back to his days as a Beatle. So whether you love the Beatles, Wings, McCartney’s solo work, or all three, come see this highly anticipated concert!

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Jun 6

The Top 5 Events on SelectATicket.com last week were the following:

  1. MLS All Star Game Tickets
  2. Wicked Tickets
  3. Ecuador vs Greece Tickets
  4. The Book of Mormon Tickets
  5. The MotherF**ker With the Hat Tickets

The MLS All Star Game is really gaining momentum as fans are looking forward to the matchup between the MLS All Stars and Manchester United.

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Jun 3

Starting late September Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre is putting on “The Mountaintop,” a fictional play about civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Set on April 3, 1968, the play follows Dr. King through his final day. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as King, “The Mountaintop” is set in Memphis, Tennessee at the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King was assassinated. The play gets its name because on this day after plane delays due to bomb threats, King gave a rousing speech now called the “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop Address.”

“The Mountaintop” confronts Martin Luther King’s past along with that of all African Americans. Samuel L. Jackson, an Academy Award Nominee for his role in “Pulp Fiction,” will play the part of Dr. King. The production hit stages in London over two years ago and won the very prestigious Olivier Award for Best Play.

The production, which hits Broadway on September 22, 2011, mixes humor, exhilaration, and heartbreak while delivering Martin Luther King’s powerful messages of peace, equality, and love. The play’s writer, Katori Hall, has penned numerous plays including “Hoodoo Love,” “Remembrance,” and “Hurt Village.” Her perception of Dr. Martin Luther King will be followed by a nameless woman who delivers room service to the now notorious room 306 and inspires powerful thought.

So come to the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre to see a critically acclaimed play honoring one of America’s iconic characters played by one of its most iconic actors!

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Jun 2

Not every movie would necessarily be good when moved to a Broadway stage but it seems that Whoopi Goldberg movies easily make the translation. There was the musical version of the classic 1990 film “Ghost.” Next, Oprah Winfrey produced a stage version of the book/movie “The Color Purple.” However Goldberg never took a part in bringing her famous films to the stage…until now.

Starting this summer “Sister Act,” a musical version of the 1992 comedy that starred Whoopi Goldberg hits Broadway. The play, stuffed with catchy music, follows Delores (Goldberg in the film), an eccentric Reno singer who witnesses her mobster boyfriend (Harvey Keitel in the film) kill a man.

Knowing that she could be next she enters the witness protection program and ends up serving as a nun in a convent where she discovers a choir of sisters who need her help.
“We’re just gonna bring ‘Sister Act’ because, come on, singing nuns and a girl on the run. There’s nothing more fun than that,” says Goldberg, who is a producer of the show.

The Broadway production will start June 2 and will continue through the summer and into the fall. Don’t miss your chance to see this divine musical grace the Broadway stage!

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