May 31

After a long excursion in Europe, Kings of Leon will arrive back in the states for a 29-show tour! With chart topping hits like “Use Somebody,” “Sex on Fire,” and “Notion,” the Tennessee natives will work their ways north from venues in Alabama, Georgia, and Texas to New England in large venues such as Camden, New Jersey’s Susquehanna Bank Center on August 12 and on the 17th at Holdmel’s PNC Bank Arts Center.

Kings of Leon are an exciting concert experience for their high energy and unpredictable set lists. The band slips through definable genre, dabbling in Southern Rock, Alternative Rock, and Blues. The band’s “arena rock” style along with its large following makes a large venue a desirable aspect of live concerts.

Material from “Come Around Sundown,” the band’s fifth studio album, can surely be expected to make sets along with fan favorites like “Taper Jean Girl,” “The Bucket,” or “King of the Rodeo.” Kings of Leon will be accompanied by the Seattle group, Band of Horses, most famous for the smash hit, “The Funeral.” The two bands are mutual fans of each other and look forward to the long tour of the United States.

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May 30

The Top 5 Events on last week were as follows:

  1. Kentucky Derby Tickets
  2. Ecuador vs Greece Tickets
  3. Wrestlemania XXVIII Tickets
  4. NBA All Star Game Tickets
  5. New York Yankees Tickets

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May 28

The Beatles redefined music for the world with hit song after hit song, winning the world’s affection with seeming ease. Today their influence is obvious in modern music and their iconic songs still play through radio speakers. However the time has long passed to witness the Beatles experience in a live venue…Or has it?

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, thinks not. The show will be gracing the stage of Broadway for a short time before embarking on tour. The show is covers some of the Beatles’ most popular songs while seamlessly performing to the likes of the icons; from the singing to the small live concert quirks.

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles has been around since the mid-seventies and its strong following has remained. The show is the closest one can get to seeing the actual Beatles play, which sadly is not an option. However the Beatles’ influence has carried over to a new generation of fans who would love to hear Beatles songs in a concert setting while longtime fans yearn for the days of the Beatles.

So “come together” and see Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles and you’ll want to see them play “eight days a week!”

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May 27

The band Dispatch has certainly accomplished great feats in music. The accomplishments become more impressive when one considers the fact that the band has remained independent. Accumulating fame through the late nineties and early this century, Dispatch has churned out hits that avoided mainstream attention while attracting a following numbered in the millions.

However in 2002, at the peak of their fame, Dispatch announced that it would disperse due to creative differences. A crowd of over 100,000 people came out to wish them farewell at their “final” show in Boston. Since this time Dispatch had played only 3 shows, all of which sold out Madison Square Garden for three days straight; a huge feat for any entertainer, let alone an indie band. All of the profits went toward Zimbabwe relief, but the fans wanted more.

So Dispatch gave it to them! The band announced a 2011 Dispatch Reunion Tour, following the release of their first album in over 10 years, simply named “Dispatch EP.” However this decade-long hiatus does not mean that the band is rusty. Chad, Brad, and Pete all took on new bands during this time and all saw great success in their second go at independent music.

Dispatch will be performing at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey on Saturday, June 18.

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May 26

Throughout the past month, tickets for The Book of Mormon have been on Select-A-Ticket’s Top 5 Events list. Less than three months ago New York’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre welcomed a new musical to Broadway, and now audiences cannot get enough.

Brought to you by the dirty masterminds of television’s satirical “South Park,” The Book of Mormon features an original book with hilarious music and lyrics by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Composer and lyricist Robert Lopez of Avenue Q also was behind the genius book of this musical.

The book is just as expected it would be coming from Parker and Stone, as it is filled with wildly offensive jokes, but is still completely candid and hilarious on a range of topics including AIDS and religion.

Directed by Parker and Casey Nicholaw, The Book of Mormon surrounds the journey of two Mormon missionaries from Salt Lake City, Utah. Elder Cunningham and Elder Price are eventually sent to a village in Uganda in order to carry out missionary work.

The two main characters have been described as the ultimate odd couple, with Cunningham being chubby, dim-witted underachieving loser, while Price is a clean-cut, white-bread, overachiever. Trouble unfolds while the two are in Uganda, and hilarity ensues!

“The Book of Mormon” is now open, with performances scheduled Tuesday-Sunday at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in New York City.

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May 25

It looks as though things may be looking up for the injury-proned musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark this summer at New York’s Foxwoods Theatre.

There are high hopes that this long-previewing musical will be celebrating its opening night on Tuesday, June 14 after more than 100 preview performances. (FYI: most Broadway musicals today typically only have between 25 and 40 preview performances.)

Following a short hiatus, the musical is now under new direction. Phillip William McKinley stepped in the directors chair following the departure of Julie Taymor, the show’s original director. Spider-Man has always featured music by Bono and The Edge, but is now enhanced with a revised book by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Glen Berger.

In addition to finally officially opening in June after five failed anticipated opening dates, Interscope Records will also be releasing a cast recording of the musical. The original cast recording will be released on the same date as the musical’s opening night, and will feature 14 tracks produced by Grammy Award winner Steve Lillywhite.

With a $65 million budget, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is the most expensive Broadway production in history. When the show finally opens on Tuesday, June 14, it will truly be something spectacular and entertaining to all audiences.

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May 24

Derek Jeter is rapidly approaching a significant milestone in the realm of Major League Baseball. With 2,925 career hits, the Yankees’ captain is now just 25 hits away from reaching 3,000 for his career.

When Jeter reaches the 3,000 hit mark, he will be the first Yankees player to do so while wearing pinstripes for every hit. Additionally, Jeter will join an extraordinarily exclusive club of just 27 other players in history to reach this milestone.

Unfortunately for Jeter, he was unable to make any progression towards this feat in the Yankees’ last game. In Monday’s 7-3 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, Jeter was unable to get a hit in five at bats. Tomorrow Jeter will face the Blue Jay’s left handed pitcher, Ricky Romero. Although Jeter’s career against Romero is less than spectacular (2 for 16, or .125) he is looking to even the series for the Yankees, while making some important hits along the way.

Speaking on potentially reaching this milestone Jeter said, “It’s still far away. I’m really not thinking about it now. It’s just more stay comfortable and the hits will come.”

The New York Yankees will continue their three game series against the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday,  May 24, 2011.

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May 23

The Top 5 Events on last week were as follows:

  1. Wrestlemania XXVIII Tickets
  2. The Mother****** with the Hat Tickets
  3. MLB All Star Game Tickets
  4. The Book of Mormon Tickets
  5. New York Yankees Tickets

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May 21

Last year you may remember reading news stories about the Fullerton Boys and Girls Club’s $50,000 State Farm grant, which they won at the 2010 MLB Home Run Derby. By being paired with the winner of the Home Run Derby, the Fullerton Club was able to win the grant at Angel Stadium in hopes of renovating transforming and remodeling a teen center in Anaheim, California.

With these funds from State Farm along with donations from local and labor contractors, the $130,000 renovation of the Fullerton Club teen center is now open for business. According to Fred Johnson, Chief Professional Officer of the Boys and Girls club of Fullerton, the massive renovation project allowed the club to get “the new kitchen, music room, batting cage, cement area where we play basketball.”

Vice President of corporate relations for the Boys and Girls Club of America revealed how he hopes that “these opportunities out here will guarantee that our kids will be physically fit at least 60 minutes a day.”

The hard work of the center’s renovation is going to extremely productive use. Complete with newly finished basketball courts, the installation of batting cages, a state-of-the-art music room, open space on fresh green grass, and a computer center, there are many pleased teenagers in Anaheim who are ready to be more physically fit.

The 2011 Home Run Derby will be held on Monday, July 11 in Phoenix. Arizona at Chase Field. The MLB All Star game will be held the following day at the same location on July 12, 2011.

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May 19

Last week on Select-A-Ticket’s Top 5 Events List, tickets for WrestleMania 28 stole the number one spot. Although WrestleMania 28 will not be held for nearly a year, it is never too early to get your tickets to wrestling’s biggest event of the year.

In the world of wrestling, WrestleMania is the equivalent of a Super Bowl. It is a week-long event, which never fails to entertain the crowd. WrestleMania fuses the cream of the crop male and female wrestles, celebrities, guest athletes, along with live musical performances, and more.

Undoubtedly, this year is a special year for WrestleMania. Somewhere along the non-stop action will be an unforgettable bout. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will return to wrestling during WrestleMania 28 as he matches up against John Cena.

Fans around the world enjoy all the different kinds of entertainment provided by WrestleMania, and now is your chance to experience it live in person at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium.

WrestleMania XXVIII will be held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida on April 1, 2012. Do not wait! As i mentioned before this is wrestling’s biggest event of the year, and tickets will most certainly be in high demand.

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May 17

Although Christmas season is awhile away, it is never too early to jump-start your holiday spirit with planning a trip to New York City for the 79th annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Since 1933 audiences of all ages have enjoyed celebrating the Christmas Season at the Radio City Music Hall with the world renowned Rockettes.

The Rockettes are an amazing dance troupe known for their impressive precision, and flawless dancing. Every year this dance squad performs at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and are also regulars at the Christmas Spectacular. Their eye-high leg kick performed in a chorus line in perfect unison is truly something to see for yourself live in person.

Since first performed in 1933, “The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” featuring the Rockettes has been the show’s mind-blowing finale. You’ll experience a line of 36 Rockettes falling backwards while in slow motion creating an amazing, one of a kind finale.

Although the Rockettes are often recognized as the most notable entertainers in the Christmas Spectacular, the Rockettes aren’t the only thing you will see, as Santa will be showing off his workshop during the show, and the “Living Nativity” is reenacted!

The Christmas show is perfect for families to get in the Christmas spirit, and see some fun surprises along the way. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will kick off this year’s holiday season with performances beginning on November 10, 2011, and will conclude on January 2, 2012.

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May 16

This June a new insane Cirque du Soleil show will be taking Radio City Music Hall by storm, this time in the form of Zarkana. It is important to know that the name Zarkana was generated from the blending of the words “bizarre,” meaning very strange, and “arcana” meaning mystery or secret.

Written and directed by highly acclaimed theatre and film director Françoid Girard, this show follows Zark the magician through the fictional world of Zarkana.

Throughout the show Zark is searching for his lost magical powers, which disappeared when he lost the love of his life. When Zark lost his love, his powers disappeared as well. After pleading for her love one final time, Zark is then sent to the fantastical world of Zarkana, which is filled with bizarre and unusual characters.

You will experience his adventures through this surreal world with very peculiar qualities and characters that will undoubtedly keep you entertained. The cast portraying these odd characters includes 71 international artists that work together to swallow the audience into the land of Zarkana. It is a suspenseful world that will have you questioning the fine line between what is real, and what is imaginary.

Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana will begin performances at New York’s legendary Radio City Music Hall beginning on Thursday, June 9, 2011. The show will run for a limited engagement through September 4, 2011.

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May 16

The Top 5 Events on last week were as follows:

  1. Wrestlemania 28 Tickets
  2. MLB All Star Game Tickets
  3. The Mother****** with the Hat Tickets
  4. Lynyrd Skynyrd Tickets
  5. MLS All Star Game Tickets

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May 15

It is a pretty difficult task to find a person who has not seen Disney’s “The Lion King.” The movie’s excellent animation, story, and music took the world by storm. The intricacies make it hard to believe that it could be transformed into a Broadway play. However Disney On Broadway did just that, going on to win 6 Tony Awards and break several box office records.

The transition from the movie to the play employed the use of beautiful costumes, countless actors, and breathtaking sets. To those of you who think that they would prefer the movie: Don’t worry, your favorite characters like, Simba Nala , Timon, and Pumbaa will be there and will be as funny as ever.

“The Lion King” displays universal themes like the entrance into adulthood, the acceptance of responsibility, and the importance of family; values any person of any age can certainly embrace. Children and adults will both become captivated by the beautiful imagery accompanied by the famous Lion King songs that we have all heard.

The play, running just under three hours will be on Broadway at the famous Minskoff Theater in New York City along with the Mandalay Bay- Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada. So come out and see a classic Broadway play prepared to make you laugh, cry, and dance!

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May 13

One week ago at the 2011 Kentucky Derby, a mystery horse named Animal Kingdom beat 20-1 odds to become the winner of the 137th annual of the race.  He was a come-from-behind winner, who had never even raced on a dirt track before.

In fact before this year’s Derby, Animal Kingdom’s career only consisted of four prior races. He has raced once on turf and three times on artificial surfaces, but never on old-fashioned dirt… until now.

In terms of history, the Exterminator was the last horse to take the Derby after racing just four times before in 1918. Additionally, Animal Kingdom raced in the Derby after a six-week layoff. The last time a horse won the Derby after a layoff this long was Needles in 1956.

Animal Kingdom’s win also represents his jockey, John Velazquez, and trainer Graham Motion. Velazquez was initially supposed to run Uncle Mo during this year’s Kentucky Derby, but when the horse scratched just before the race he was left with no one to ride. However, Animal Kingdom’s original jockey was injured, and left Velazquez for the job.

Next year’s Kentucky Derby will be held on Satuday, May 5, 2012 at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

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