Apr 30

On Saturday, the New York Yankees will continue a three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. On Friday night the Yankees endured a 5-3 loss against the Blue Jays, which should motivate New York to win their next game of the series even more so. This was the first game in this three game series, and it brought the Blue Jays within 2.5 games of the Yankees for the American League East.

Although the Blue Jays are looking to close that gap even more on Saturday, the Yankees are hoping that former Blue Jay, A.J. Burnett can lead their pitching rotation and put an end to their temporary success. Burnett is coming off of his best start of the year, but it was also his first loss of the season.

Since becoming a Yankee, A.J. Burnett has never had an easy time when pitching against the Toronto Blue Jays. He has an especially hard time against them since Toronto’s, Jose Bautista is the leading American League hitter. As of now Burnett is 1-4 with a 6.50 ERA in eight starts.

The New York Yankees will continue this series by hosting their next game at Yankee Stadium against the Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday, April 20.

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Apr 29

Attention Broadway goers, there is a new revival on the stage! Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia is a new revival of an original 1995 production. Up until now, the show’s revival at the Barrymore theatre has been well received. Audiences are enjoying this romantic Broadway spectacle, which intertwines many different intellectually stimulating ideas.

This richly entertaining play begins at a posh English country estate in the April 1809, before time warping you to the present time. Audiences are introduced to a brilliant 13 year old named Thomasina. She is young, but is enthralled by knowledge, especially math. She creates a complicated theory, which is well beyond her realm of knowledge.

Adults surrounding Thomasina are all preoccupied with their guilty pleasures. Even her tutor, Septimus is promiscuously involved with several characters in the show, including the poet Ezra Chater’s wife, and Lady Groom, the lady of the house.

Then, Arcadia thrusts you 200 years into the future, where you find academics Hannah and Bernard. These two are curious about Thomasina’s theory, and work to find the truth by putting together all of the confusing clues.

Aradia features a talented cast of actors including Margaret Colin, Billy Crudup, Raul Esparza, Glenn Fleshler, Grace Gummer, Edward James Hyland, Byron Jennings, Bel Powley, Tom Riley, Noah Robbins, David Turner and Lia Williams.

The New York Times describes Arcadia as a “dazzling, witty masterpiece of misunderstanding and quest for knowledge, resonating across centuries.” Arcadia performances run weekly Monday-Saturday at the Barrymore Theatre in New York City.

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Apr 28

It was recently revealed that sometime in the upcoming future Major League Soccer will be selling the rights to, and adding a 20th franchise. When the announcement was first made, it looked highly likely that the New York Cosmos could possibly be making a comeback as the 20th franchise.

Earlier this month, commissioner Dan Garber mentioned that he was interested in having the new team’s home base in New York City. Garber admitted that he would want to build a brand new stadium in the city for the new team to play in since the New York Red Bulls play in Harrison, New Jersey.

Garber is not the only one who has expressed interest in placing a second franchise in the NeW York City area. Major League Soccer president Mark Abbott told sports editors, “we’re very interested in having a second team in the New York market.”

As far as deciding which team would inherit the rights, Garber told reporters that there is a potential ownership by the Wilpon Family, the owner of the Mets. A second option includes plans to revive the New York Cosmos. Additionally, other cities such as San Diego and Atlanta have also been considered.

Major League Soccer will host the English powerhouse, Manchester United at the 2011 MLS All-Star Game to be held on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

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Apr 26

Last summer the Fullerton Boys and Girls club received a State Farm grant for $50,000 at Angel Stadium. The club won this grant by being paired with the winner of the MLB Home Run Derby. With these funds, along with donations from local and labor contractors, a teen center was renovated and was unveiled in Anaheim, California last month.

The $130,000 renovation of the Fullerton Club teen center is now open for business. According to Fred Johnson, Chief Professional Officer of the Boys and Girls club of Fullerton, admitted that the massive renovation allowed the club to get “the new kitchen, music room, batting cage, cement area where we play basketball.”

He admitted that, “without that grant we’d still be struggling to make it into a teen center and hopefully it will help us serve a lot more kids.” Johnson expects a 60-70 percent increase in the teen center’s attendance.

The hard work of the center’s renovation is already going to good use. Complete with newly finished basketball courts, the installation of batting cages, a state-of-the-art music room, open space on fresh green grass, and a computer center, there are many happy teenagers in Orange County.

The 2011 Home Run Derby will be held on Monday, July 11 in Phoenix. Arizona at Chase Field. The MLB All Star game will be held the following day at the same location on July 12, 2011.

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Apr 25

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Apr 21

A new musical based on Stephen Elliot and Allan Scott’s Oscar-winning hit film, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert has recently opened on Broadway!

Revived for the stage, Priscilla Queen of the Desert is an outrageous musical that tells the story of three drag queens embarking on a crazy road trip. Bernadette, Tick, and Adam board an old run down bus, which happens to be nicknamed Priscilla. In search of friendship and love the two travel together across the Australian outback in hopes of finding friendship and love, but ultimately find more than they ever expected.

The musical is directed by Simon Phillips, and has a talented cast full of Olivier and Tony Award nominees. Tony Sheldon will play Bernadette, Will Swenson will portray Tick/Mintzi, while Nick Adams plays the characters of Adam/Felicia.

The show features outrageously imaginative costumes, over-the-top drag make-up, complete by crazy dance numbers from the actors wearing these costumes. The music are dance-floor songs with a hint of disco to maintain a lively stage performance.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert will open on Sunday, March 20, 2011 with previews beginning on Monday, February 28, 2011.

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Apr 18

This weekend the New York Yankees found themselves facing a rematch of last year’s American League Championship Series. The Yankees were off to a bad start in the series by taking a 3-5 loss on Friday. However, the team was able to redeem themselves with an important win on Saturday, and a tie-breaking win on Sunday.

New York’s 6-5 win that allowed them to take this three game series can be greatly attributed to a good number of home runs – three to be exact.

Rangers’ pitcher Alexi Ogando entered the season coming off of 13 scoreless innings. Fortunately, the Yankees were able to trip him up multiple times throughout the game. New York successfully dominated and challenged Ogando’s pitching skills with six hits, five runs, and three homers.

The first homer was hit in the second inning when Robinson Cano went deep, Russell Martin hit the next in the fifth, which was followed up by Curtis Granderson in the sixth inning of the game.

The Yankees improved their division lead with a 9-5 record, and they are hoping to improve that even more so. Next, the New York Yankees will begin a two game series by playing the Blue Jays at Toronto’s Rogers Centre on Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

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Apr 18

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Apr 17

After 14 years, and $4 billion dollars The Lion King is still one of the most amazing Broadway show’s ever. Based on the 1994 Disney classic film with the same name, the show was transformed from an animated movie to high energy stage production used as entertainment for audiences of all ages.

In 1997 when the show opened on Broadway, it had a fresh feel that did not resemble any other shows before it. When the show debuted, the musical was the winner of Best Musical, Best Choreography, Best Direction of a Musical, Best Costume Design, and two other awards.

To this day The Lion King continues to perform to sold out audiences, and break records at the Minskoff Theater, which should come as no surprise. The Lion King does a supreme job of making the audience feel as if they’re in the jungle.

Humans dressed with amazing headdresses would prance around the stage, as it brings the Disney film to life. The amazing costumes and masks the characters wear enhance the story, and will keep you captivated throughout the entire show.

The Lion King is one of the most successful and well received shows on Broadway. The Lion King has scheduled performances every Tuesday-Sunday at the Minskoff Theatre in New York City.

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Apr 15

We all remember the 2002 blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Catch Me If You Can, right? Well get ready, because a very special creative team is bringing one of the most notorious con artists to the Broadway stage in the form of a musical.

Like Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film with the same title, the musical also tells the intriguing story of Frank Abagnale Jr.. Aaron Tveit portrays Frank, who at just 16 years old became among the most successful con men in America. He spent his teenage years scamming many unsuspecting victims along the way to his riche:. This charming and confident boy acted as if he were a doctor, airline pilot, and even a lawyer, which fooled many plenty of smart people.

The creative team behind this musical, along with the fabulous cast prove that they have the perfect recipe of contributors. Director Jack O’Brien seamlessly ties together all aspects of creativity, including the exceptional book by Terrance McNally, which is complemented by the work of Jerry Mitchell the choreographer, and costumes by William Ivey Long.

This amazing musical comedy has experienced rave reviews, and you should go see why! Catch Me If You Can has scheduled performances Tuesday through Sunday at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City.

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Apr 12

Now that the regular NHL season has concluded, the New York Rangers are ready to take on their next challenge…. The Stanley Cup playoffs. When the Carolina Hurricanes lost their game on Saturday night to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Rangers found themselves automatically propelled into the position of a Stanley Cup contender.

The Rangers are entering the playoffs as the underdog competitors, but they will have the chance to disprove this notion during the first round of the Playoffs, and hopefully beyond. The first team they will compete against is the top-seed Washington Capitals. Beginning Wednesday in Washington, the two teams will battle it out in a best-of-seven series that decides who will advance to the second round of the playoffs.

New York should be remain confident when entering this series due to the fact that they took three victories out of the four total games played against the Capitals this season. The Rangers should take comfort knowing the cumulative score for these games was 17-6 in favor of the Rangers.

The New York Rangers will play their next game against the Washington, Capitals on Wednesday, April 13, 2011. The Rangers will return to New York’s Madison Square Garden on Sunday, April 17 to host the Capitals in game 3.

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Apr 11

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Apr 7

And the countdown begins! There is exactly one month left until this year’s Kentucky Derby, and racing fans are getting excited. However, fans will have to wait until the first Saturday in May until they can fulfill the Kentucky Derby fix that they have been waiting for all year.

In the meantime, fans can absolutely look forward to major prep races, as well as other Triple Crown Races before the actual Derby. These races include the Illinois Derby, Arkansas Derby, Lexington, and this weekend’s Wood Memorial Stakes.

If history repeats itself, it appears that Uncle Mo will be having another cakewalk race in Saturday’s Wood Memorial. This Kentucky Derby favorite has performed extremely effortlessly in other prep races including his debut, which he rocked. Additionally, Uncle Mo took the Champagne stakes by close to five lengths.

Another example of an awesome Uncle Mo performance is the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile as he took first place by just about four lengths. The bottom line is that Uncle Mo is a force to be reckoned with, which will most likely be proven this weekend.

The 2011 Kentucky Derby will be held on Saturday, May 7 at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Apr 5

The New York Knicks have incredibly redeemed themselves after a six game losing streak by winning four consecutive games. It is especially important for the Knicks to continue this winning streak in order for them to inch their way closer to taking the sixth seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

On Tuesday, New York blew out the Toronto Raptors 131-118 with a little help from Toney Douglas. Douglas scored 28 points in Tuesday’s game, which is a team high. Douglas’ amazing performance undoubtedly helped lead the Knicks to victory, but other team members deserve credit as well.

Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony must not be forgotten, as both of them added 23 points to the Knicks’ scoreboard. Stoudemire also had five assists, while Carmelo Anthony performed nine rebounds.

However, the fate of Tuesday’s game was practically sealed from the beginning, as New York came out of the gate with a 13-0 lead over the Raptors. That gap only increased throughout the game to a maximum of 29 points. The Raptors were able to lower the gap, but by no more than ten points.

This essential four game winning streak comeback has improved the Knicks’ record to 39-38. They are now only behind the Philadelphia 76ers by 0.5 game, and will have the opportunity to pass them for the No. 6 seed when they meet next.

The New York Knicks will play their next game on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Apr 4

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