Mar 19

The hitting coach for the New York Yankees has high hopes for Robinson Cano’s season. Kevin Long believes that the second basemen will see an increase in his home run numbers, and could possibly move onto the next level by becoming a power hitter.

Long admitted, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Cano hit 40 home runs.” Although this is quite the jump from Cano’s career high of 29 home runs, the hitting coach seemed absolutely positive that Cano could do it. However, Long did say that this was not a goal that was set by Cano to reach.

This could be because Cano himself is not so sure that he could pull it off. Cano responded instantly and laughed when asked if he could score 40 homers this upcoming season by saying, “No chance. Maybe if you put an extra half season.”

Baseball season is less than two weeks away, and the anticipation is building. Will Robinson Cano be able to reach the 40 home run mark?

The Yankees will enter their third season at the new Yankee Stadium as they host the Detroit Tigers during their season opener on Thursday, March 31.

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