Jul 31

Last Thursday Alex Rodriguez hit his 599th career home run. Now, 10 days later he is waiting to knock his 600th one out of the park. Concerning to many fans, A-Rod is taking longer to reach the 600 mark than any of the six other players to do so. However, as long as the Yankees keep winning, Rodriguez is not worried about it.

Tonight at the Tropicana Field the Tampa Bay Rays will send Matt Garza to the mound to face off against Rodriguez and the Yankees. This will be the first time the Rays have sent him out against the Yankees since his no-hitter. With a 3.26 ERA, Garza is 1-3 lifetime against the Yankees

Out of nine meetings with Tampa Bay, the Yankees have one four of the games. Tonight the Yankees are hoping to beat the Rays in the battle for AL East dominance, and A-Rod may be looking for his 600th career home run. When Rodriguez joins the six other members of the 600-homer club, he will be the youngest player ever to reach that achievement.

The New York Yankees will play their next game at the Tropicana Field in Florida against the Tampa Bay Rays tonight.

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Jul 30

Watch out New York, a new show with an excellent cast is hitting the Broadway stage! Alfred Uhry’s Driving Miss Daisy is a new Broadway production that will star Tony Award Winners James Earl Jones, and Vanessa Redgrave.

Before becoming a Broadway production, Driving Miss Daisy had a successful run Off-Broadway. Then in 1989 it was adapted into a film starring Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman. Now the Broadway production is set to open on Monday, October 25, 2010, with previews beginning on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at the John Golden Theatre in New York City.

Driving Miss Daisy is a Pulitzer Prize winning play, and is most certainly one of the most anticipated shows of this year.

The play follows Daisy Werthan, a 72-year-old Jewish widow living in Atlanta. Once Miss Daisy is considered too old to drive, her son hires her a chauffeur. The chauffeur is Hoke Colburn, an African American man, and that creates a bit of trouble for Miss Daisy in the beginning. However, the mismatch turns out to be for the best, as the two form a life-changing bond between each other.

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Jul 29

Marques Douglas, a veteran of the NFL has been signed to the Miami Dolphins. Douglas has 120 games played under his belt, and he has started in 91 of them. During those games he made 123 solo tackles and 316 total. Additionally, he has acquired 20.5 sacks, making him a crucial defensive end for any team he has played on.

Before joining the NFL, Douglas played college football at Howard University. Douglas was a three-time All-MEAC selection, and with 29.5 sacks he finished second of all time in the conference. Douglas was also awarded the Buffalo Soldier Award while in college. This award is given to a player who has the skills on the field, as well as in the classroom.

Douglas has been in the NFL for 10 seasons, originally signing with the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent that was not drafted in 1999. Douglas has also played for the New Orleans Saints, San Fransico 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the New York Jets. Now the Miami Dolphins will turn to Douglas for important tackles and sacks.

The Miami Dolphins will play their first preseason game with their new defensive end at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Jul 28

The New York Giants will begin training camp on Sunday, and defensive end Osi Umenyiora is expected to be on the field regardless of an injury he is suffering to his hip. Even though the injury may eventually need surgery, Umenyiora will be in Albany for training camp when it opens.

In 2006 Umenyiora suffered from a torn hip flexor, and got a second opinion regarding his injury in early July. Jerry Reese, the general manager for the Giants gave confirmation to the fact that Umenyiora was cleared to begin practicing. He also confirmed that the doctors for the Giants said Umenyiora would most likely need surgery, but practicing with the injury would not make it worse.

After consulting with the Giants, the doctors, and the general manager, Umenyiora has made the decision to begin practicing. Reese told the Daily News, “I’m assuming that if he needs to have the surgery and wants to have the surgery that he’ll do it sometime after the season. But our plan is for Osi to be ready to go at training camp.”

The New York Giants will play their first preseason game against the New York Jets as they open the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Monday, August 16, 2010.

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Jul 27

On Tuesday night in Cleveland the New York Yankees suffered a 4-1 loss to rookie pitcher Josh Tomlin and the Indians. Tuesday was Tomlin’s major league debut, and he was able to dominate the Yankees. For the first seven innings Tomlin left the Yankees scoreless, and only allowed two hits.

Not even Alex Rodriguez could get a nice hit off of Tomlin. Surprisingly this was the fifth straight game that Rodriguez was unsuccessful in scoring a home run.

A-Rod had the perfect opportunity to make it happen in the ninth inning where he would have represented the tying run. However, Chris Perez was not having that. Instead, he ended the game with a grounder, and an unfortunate loss for the Yankees.

Rodriguez has not been able to hit a home run in 21 at bats. This year A-Rod has hit 16 homers in 358 at bats, which means he averages one homer every 22.3 at-bats. Based on this pace, Rodriguez is due to hit one out of the park during Wednesday’s game against the Indians… at least he and the Yankees are hoping that’s the case.

The New York Yankees are preparing for their next game in Cleveland, Ohio against the Indians on Wednesday July 28, 2010.

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Jul 26

After being sidelined for most of the season because of wrist surgery, defending US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro is expected to play at this year’s open.

According to the US Tennis Association Del Potro is on the entry list for the Grand Slam tournament, and is expected to compete in the Open. In 2009 Del Potro beat Roger Federer, five-time US Open champion, and claimed his very first Grand Slam title. In 2010 Del Proto has only competed in one tournament, the Australian Open, due to surgery to his right wrist.

The US Open Tennis Tournament is one of four events that make up the Grand Slam for tennis. The Open is the final event, and perhaps the most important. Over 600 players will compete for a chance to win the $17 million in prize money.

Last year Juan Martin del Potro was the talented first place winner, and he is hoping for the same results this year as he enters the 2010 US Tennis Open.

The 2010 US Open will be held in Corona, New York begin beginning on Monday, August 30, and will end on Saturday, September 4 with the Championship session.

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Jul 26

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Jul 25

A Broadway favorite will be welcoming Jordin Sparks to the stage for her Broadway debut. The 2008 Tony Award Winner for Best Musical, In The Heights will be graced with Sparks’ presence for a limited 12 week engagement.

Beginning Thursday, August 19, 2010 you can see the 2007 American Idol winner making her debut as Nina Rosario in In The Heights. The Jive Records platinum artist will play Nina through Sunday, November 14, 2010.

Sparks was just 16 years old when she auditioned for Idol, and to this day she remains the youngest contestant ever to win the singing competition. Her voice blew the judges and America away, and you can bet she will be bringing that talent with her to the Broadway stage in In The Heights.

In The Heights is a Latin inspired musical set in Washington Heights, New York. The show manages to remain light even when telling the story of the problems that the characters come across. This musical is very energetic and has been compared to an uptown version of Rent.

Tickets for Jordin Sparks’ Broadway engagement are on sale now, do not miss your chance to see this effervescent pop star take on Broadway. In The Heights runs Thursdays through Tuesdays at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City.

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Jul 24

The New York Red Bulls have a star from the Juventus Football Club who is hoping to join the team in a year’s time. Striker David Trezeguet has to ride out his final year remaining on his contract with Juventus before joining MLS.

Previously Trezeguet was linked with a summer exit, but as of now it seems as though he will be staying in Italy for the next season. However, according to his agent Trezeguet is making moves in order to team back up with Thierry Henry, his former France and Monaco teammate once his contract has ended.

Antonio Caliendo, Trezeguet’s agent spoke about his future plans and said, “we have received several offers and the one the player likes most is that of the New York Red Bulls. There he will meet up with (Thierry) Henry.”

Not only is Trezeguet showing interest in coming to the New York Red Bulls, but the Red Bulls are also one of the many teams interested in the Frenchman for when his contract expires. The New York Red Bulls will play their next match in Houston, Texas against the Houston Dynamo on Saturday, July 31, 2010.

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Jul 22

Major League Baseball is finding itself faced with a difficult decision regarding next year’s All Star game. The game is currently scheduled to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, but a new immigration law was passed that has many civil rights groups questioning the location.

The new law, effective July 29, says that police are required to determine a person’s legal status, and would also require immigrants to have documentation on them that confirms their immigration status is the cause of the uproar. Many civil rights groups, politicians, and even the MLB Players Association have condemned the new law.

In the hopes of moving next year’s All Star Game, civil rights groups have been working diligently by creating websites, and collecting over 100,000 signatures from fans who are in favor of moving the game. In addition, last week over 150 people protested in Manhattan outside of the MLB headquarters. While politicians and multiple civil rights groups have been pressuring the MLB and commissioner Bud Selig to move the game, the players’ union has not.

A former executive for MLB spoke about the decision making process and he said, “With the ownership there, it puts Bud in a very difficult position. You have X amount of people for it, X amount of people against it; it’s just a tough position.”

As of now, the 2011 MLB All Star Game will be held at Chase Field (formerly Bank One Ballpark) in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

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Jul 20

Not long after the New Jersey Devils and Ilya Kovalchuk agreed to an astounding 17-year, $102 million contract, the NHL rejected the deal. Just one day after agreeing to the longest contract in the history of the NHL, the league dealt a shameful blow to the Devils and Kovalchuk.

The NHL said the contract was used as a way to get around the salary cap for the league. The NHL sent the contract back to the Devils, where general manager Lou Lamoriello will have to rework the contract in order to satisfy the NHL and Kovalchuk all over again.

In the NHL, teams will pay a player more money up front when the player is usually a better asset to the team, and when the player is likely to have retired the team would then pay the player less. The Devils took advantage of this, as the majority of Kovalchuk’s contract would have been paid during the first 10 years of his 17-year long contract.

They would pay him $95 million during the first ten years, and during his last six seasons he would have been paid less than $1 million. The issue for the NHL was that the contract was formulated to where Kovalchuk’s cap would have been brought down to just $6 million a season for the devils.

The New Jersey Devils will play their first preseason game at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia against the Flyers on Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

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Jul 19

The New York Yankees have been faced with many concerns this past week, and the recent injury to their starting pitcher does not help. Andy Pettitte is suffering from a grade one tear to his left hamstring which will leave him out of the starting rotation for awhile. Pettitte will be missing up to six starts, while Sergio Mitre will attempt to take his spot in the rotation.

Last year Mitre was faced with a similar situation, but did not perform that great. In the nine games he started, he had a 3-3 record and a 7.16 ERA. However Mitre was just coming back from Tommy John surgery, which normally would pose as a problem for pitchers returning to the game. Also, he pitched so well in spring training that people though he would be able to win the number five spot in the Yankees’ lineup.

Since 2003 Mitre has pitched for 388 innings, and in those innings he allowed 232 runs, 47 homers, walked 130 batters, and struck out a promising 237 batters. In 2007 Mitre pitched his first and only full season since 2003. His ERA was a career best that year as he posted a 4.65.

Hopefully Mitre will be able to put the past aside as the Yankees gear up for a quick two games against the Angels in the Bronx. The New York Yankees will play their next game at Yankee Stadium against the LA Angels of Anaheim on Tuesday, July 20, 2010.

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Jul 19

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Jul 17

On Saturday night the New York Mets lost their third straight game since opening the second half. The San Francisco Giants defeated them 8-4 as Mets’ pitcher Hisanori Takahashi showed his weakness by not being able to last three innings against the Giants.

The Giants scored six runs during the first three innings, which prompted manager Jerry Manuel to pull him from the game before the end of the third inning. Normally Manuel thinks of Takahashi as a good pitcher to have in the early innings of the games, but once the batters learn his style they are able to conquer it, and make it on the bases. His usual plan backfired on Saturday night as Takahashi struggled early on.

The Mets did not put points on the board until the top of the seventh inning when Davis scored his first homer of the night before scoring his second in the top of the ninth inning.

It seems as though the Mets are on a losing streak, but hopefully they will get out of their funk soon and start winning some games. The New York Mets will have their first chance to redeem themselves when they play their next game in San Francisco against the Giants on Sunday, July 18, 2010.

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Jul 14

Your final chance to see Cirque Du Soleil Wintuk at Madison Square Garden is rapidly approaching. The Garden has announced the dates for this season’s Wintuk performances, and it is being billed as the final season for the show.

Performances for the fourth and final season in New York City will begin November 17, 2010 and run on Wednesdays through Sundays until January 2, 2011 at the Theater in Madison Square Garden.

Wintuk is the story of one boy’s quest to find snow and adventure. On this journey, he is accompanied by a shaman who is lost in the city, a shy man named Wimpy, and the shadow of a young girl. This adventure brings the characters to an imaginary arctic world known as Wintuk – an environment without sunlight. Here they encounter the people of the North and giant ice creatures.

Wintuk features an international cast of 50 performers from Cirque du Soleil. With thrilling acrobatics, breathtaking theatrical effects, and memorable songs, Wintuk will certainly not disappoint.

Wintuk is the first Cirque du Soleil show created specifically for a family audience. It is also the first Cirque de Soleil production to be built around a specific premise: the theme of winter. Start your winter off right, by checking out Cirque Du Soleil Wintuk before it is gone forever.

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