Apr 30

Many think that Alex Rodriguez’s career took a huge turn for the worse this winter, when it was discovered – and confirmed by ARod himself – that Rodriguez used steroids in the past. But a new book, due to be released soon, alleges that ARod lied when he said that he only did steroids for a couple of years when he was with the Texas Rangers organization.

In her book, simply titled “A-Rod”, Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts claims that ARod was using steroids as early as the age of 17, and that his drug use continued throughout his first few seasons with the New York Yankees. But despite the significance of those claims, the steroids chapters in the book are far from the most damning claims against the star.

Roberts claims that ARod has been known to “tip-off” hitters for opposing teams during blowout games in order to help them boost their offensive numbers. The theory is that he would help them boost their stats in the hopes that, later on in the season, they would return the favor. If true, these could be the most egregious offenses made by any major league player since the Black Sox Scandal.

Time will tell – as it always does. In the mean time, ARod continues to be one of the greats in the game today. Grab some New York Yankees tickets and be there for his return as the Yankees try to get back to the playoffs in 2009.

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