Apr 30

Many think that Alex Rodriguez’s career took a huge turn for the worse this winter, when it was discovered – and confirmed by ARod himself – that Rodriguez used steroids in the past. But a new book, due to be released soon, alleges that ARod lied when he said that he only did steroids for a couple of years when he was with the Texas Rangers organization.

In her book, simply titled “A-Rod”, Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts claims that ARod was using steroids as early as the age of 17, and that his drug use continued throughout his first few seasons with the New York Yankees. But despite the significance of those claims, the steroids chapters in the book are far from the most damning claims against the star.

Roberts claims that ARod has been known to “tip-off” hitters for opposing teams during blowout games in order to help them boost their offensive numbers. The theory is that he would help them boost their stats in the hopes that, later on in the season, they would return the favor. If true, these could be the most egregious offenses made by any major league player since the Black Sox Scandal.

Time will tell – as it always does. In the mean time, ARod continues to be one of the greats in the game today. Grab some New York Yankees tickets and be there for his return as the Yankees try to get back to the playoffs in 2009.

Apr 29

The Red Sox have undoubtedly been the hottest team in the MLB in the past two weeks, but they ran into their first set back in 12 games last night when they lost on a walk off mess in the bottom of the ninth to the Cleveland Indians. The loss sends the Sox to 13-7 as they remain in second place in the AL East.

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Cleveland’s Asdrubal Cabrera hit a hard ground ball to Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis. Youkilis’ toss to pitcher Javier Lopez was on target but bobbled as Cabrera reached safely. As Lopez attempted to pick up the ball, Mark DeRosa was able to score from third as the Indians picked up a tough win 9-8 over Boston.

The Red Sox are playing great baseball now and are looking to continue the success that they’ve seen in the las half-decade. As one of America’s favorite teams, There’s no doubt that they are a team that any baseball lover would love to watch in person. Grab some Red Sox tickets today and enjoy a day in Fenway!

Apr 28

In the early innings it looked as though the Mets would handle the Marlins in Queens last yesterday, but the offense fell silent after the first few innings and the Mets’ bullpen was unable to hold on as the Marlins defeated New York 7-4.

Gary Sheffield’s two-run triple showed that the old man still has wheels, but also showed that the Mets offense is capable of striking hard and fast. But unfortunately for the Mets, they were unable to hold their early lead in the latter innings.

Sean Green, a Mets reliever allowed four runs in the seventh inning. A three-run homerun from Jorge Cantu on ‘a sinker that didn’t sink’ was the shot to the heart of the Mets pitching staff in what was to be the first Marlins victory in the past eight games after a fast start to the season. Furthermore, it was the Mets fourth loss this season in a game in which they were up by at least three runs at some point.

Next up for the Mets is a weekend series in Philadelphia against the reigning World Series Champion Phillies. Grab some New York Mets tickets and get out there and greet the Mets!

Apr 27

The AL East is even more cluttered this year than it was last year, with the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, and now the Blue Jays all expecting to make waves as the season progresses. Going into the weekend, Toronto held the division lead, with New York and Boston in a second place tie at 9-6. We knew that one team would have an outright claim on second after the weekend’s 3-game series, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted what happened.

The red-hot Red Sox needed eleven innings on Friday to finish off the Yankees, but were able to win games on Saturday and Sunday as well to complete the sweep of the first 2009 series between the two long-time rival clubs. In the first game, it was Kevin Youkilis, whose walk-off homer in the 11th sealed the deal, who was the most valuable player. On Saturday, that honor belonged to Mike Lowell, whose 3-run shot kept the Sox in it in the middle innings. And on Sunday, Jacoby Ellsbury stole home, as the Red Sox stole the series, and their 10th straight victory.

Next up, the Red Sox travel to Cleveland to face the reeling Indians, while New York head to Mo-Town to take on the Tigers, who currently lead the AL central at 10-8. There are plenty of Red Sox and Yankees tickets available, so go enjoy a game. You’ll be glad you did!

Apr 27

This week’s installment of Hot Tickets from SelectATicket.com features a surprise appearance in the number one slot by the Broadway hit, Jersey Boys. As you know, the rankings fluctuate week to week but it has been some time since we last saw Jersey Boys crack the list. Not only that, the top events were dominated by Broadway shows.

You never know just what events will be among the most popular from week to week.

Here is the list for this past week:

  1. Jersey Boys tickets
  2. Kentucky Oaks tickets
  3. Wicked tickets
  4. 9 to 5 the Musical tickets
  5. West Side Story tickets
Apr 24

There is no bigger rivalry in baseball than that of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. In fact, there is probably no bigger rivalry in all of sports. This weekend that rivalry will be renewed once again as the Yankees travel the short distance to Boston for a three-game weekend series in Fenway Park.

Each team comes into the series with a so-so record of 9-6. Probable starting pitchers for the weekend will be: Friday – Jon Lester vs. Joba Chamberlain in a battle of the franchise futures; Saturday – Josh Beckett vs. AJ Burnett; Sunday Justin Masterson vs. Andy Pettite.

I never know what to expect when these two AL East teams face off, but generally I am never disappointed by their shootouts. I don’t expect either team to sweep this weekend’s series, nor do I expect any of the games to be blow outs – it’s just not their style.

If you’re in Boston this weekend, grab some NY Yankees tickets I know I would!

Apr 22

In perhaps the most crowded outfield in the National League, it would be easy – very easy – for a rookie to get lost in the crowd. But, the Met’s Daniel Murphy is holding onto his coaches confidence as he vies to keep his position in left field against Ryan Church, Fernando Tatis, and Gary Sheffield.

Jerry Manuel picked Murphy as a starter in the early going of Spring Training, and Murphy didn’t let his manager down, as he got off to a stellar start in the first two weeks of the season. But, since then he’s cooled off a good bit, but Manuel was impressed enough to keep his confidence in his young left fielder, recently stating that he planned on ‘sticking with Murphy in left’ during a post-game press conference.

The 25 year old Murphy has performed superbly in the outfield and is currently batting .317 with two doubles and a home run in the early going of ’09. Its hard to say whether or not Murphy will be able to maintain his great start, but Manuel’s confidence in him is a good sign.

So if you’re near Queens this summer, grab some Mets tickets and watch the rookie do his thing!

Apr 22

The Kentucky Derby will be held on May 2, 2009. Tickets to the 135th Kentucky Derby are now available at SelectATicket.com. It is the longest running sports event in the U.S.!

Since 1875 thousands of fans gather each year to watch one of the three races which makeup the Triple Crown. The Derby caps the two-week Kentucky Derby Festival.

Many traditions mark the event which is as much a party as a horse race. SelectATicket has Kentucky Derby tickets for many levels including Millionaire’s Row.

Whether coming to watch the horse races or participate in the fun, this legendary sports event is unlike any other.

Visit SelectATicket.com for Kentucky Derby Tickets.

Apr 20

The Hottest Tickets on SelectATicket.com from April 13 – 19 were New York Yankees Tickets. With the New Yankee Stadium opening up to much anticipation, this comes as no surprise.

Here’s the list of the top 5 events on www.SelectATicket.com last week:

  1. New York Yankees tickets
  2. God of Carnage tickets
  3. MLB Home Run Derby tickets
  4. New Jersey Devils tickets
  5. U2 tickets
Apr 16

In the past few years, Broadway has seen huge boosts, as quality shows, fantastic stars, and brilliant script writers have collaborated on some superb shows that have helped broadway stay strong through the impending recession.

One great talent, who is spreading the love for Broadway, American Idol standout Adam Lambert, who has impressed audiences for years, and now has the opportunity to impress American… and those TOUGH American Idol judges.

Lambert has been performing on and off of Broadway for several years, and quickly became an American Idol favorite with is alternative look and flair for the dramatic. In the show’s “When You Were Born” week, Lambert sealed his fate as an Idol legend with his rendition of “Mad World”.

If you love Broadway, grab some Broadway tickets today – you won’t see Lambert in anything currently, but you will see some GREAT shows in 2009!

Apr 15

Today may be more well known for being “Tax Day” but in the world of Major League baseball, it is also known as “Jackie Robinson Day” as the sport takes some time to remember one of greatest to ever play, as well as the man who broke the color barrier. The entire Yankee’s team, like many other teams across the league, wore #42, Robinson’s number in remembrance of Jackie’s impact on the game.

Facing the tough Tampa Bay Rays in Florida, they are looking for a huge win before making their debut in the new Yankee Stadium on Friday. Grab some Yankee’s tickets for that one – you won’t want to miss it!

Apr 14

After horrible endings in 2007 and 2008, the New York Mets are off to a slow start in 2009. Individually, several of the Mets are playing great baseball, including Ryan Church, Daniel Murphy, and Johan Santana. But despite great individual efforts, the Mets are off to a sub-500 start at 2-4 to begin the very young season.

There are no such thing as must-win games in April, but in baseball, every game matters and a slow start could come back to haunt the Mets later on, especially considering their past troubles in trying to close out the season.

They have a new stadium, some new firepower, and lots of great young talent, so grab some Mets tickets and come out and enjoy some baseball with Mr. Met.

Apr 13

Yankees first basemen Nick Swisher was once an accomplished pitcher – when he was a freshman in high school. But yesterday, he got a chance to hit the mound again in the ninth inning of a blowout at the hands of the red hot Tampa Bay Rays.

In a game in which Yankee pitching gave up 15 runs and 17 hits, Swisher’s final inning of scoreless baseball made him not only a novelty pitcher, but also the Yankees best pitcher of the game. When the final out was made, Swish gave up one hit, no runs, one walk and one strike out. He also hit a homerun and accounted for three of New York’s five runs.

New York Yankees tickets are still in huge supply, as the Yankees haven’t exactly gotten off to the best start in the rough and tough AL East. It’s a long season though.

Apr 13

The top 5 events on SelectATicket.com for the past week were:

  1. U2 Tickets
  2. South Pacific Tickets
  3. New Jersey Devils Playoff Tickets
  4. Phantom of the Opera Tickets
  5. Bruce Springsteen Tickets

I just realized with that list you get a good look at what SelectATicket.com offers — Concert Tickets, Broadway Tickets and Tickets to Sporting Events. Not to mention family event tickets like the circus.

Apr 10

Rumor has it the 2010 NHL Winter Classic will be at Boston’s Fenway Park featuring the Boston Bruins vs either the New York Rangers or Montreal Canadiens.

I would prefer to see the New York Rangers involved but this will mark the third Winter Classic and there has yet to be a Canadian team involved so the Montreal Canadiens may hold the edge there. NHL fans will point out that Montreal and Edmonton played in the Heritage Classic which preceeded the Winter Classic.

With two years of the NHL Winter Classic under their belt, it is time for the NHL to involve the largest media market in the world and get the New York Rangers involved. Nothing will bring more attention to the Winter Classic and the NHL than having the New York Rangers vs Boston Bruins in the Winter Classic.

If you’d like tickets to the NHL Winter Classic, visit www.SelectATicket.com where you can signed up to be alerted when 2010 NHL Winter Classic tickets are on sale.

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