Jan 30

I’ve been hit-or-miss this post season on my previous prediction posts, but two weeks ago, I did go for 2-for-2 in prediction Pittsburgh and Arizona to make it to Super Bowl 43. So, I’m going to ride that wave of pride and give it my best shot for the big game.

I do think that the Steelers have the advantage. They have a fantastic defense, but their offense is very productive as well at times. In fact, they rank second only to Arizona in offensive production in the post season this year. That said, I’m still rooting for Arizona. I just really like Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald and I want to see them win a Super Bowl.

When it boils right down to it, I can’t let my emotions get the best of me and I have to pick objectively. I think the Cardinals are very underrated and I expect them to make it close.

Pittsburgh 31, Arizona 28 in a very close one. That’s it and that’s all!

Jan 30

Sunday is the Super Bowl and the Cardinals are in it – like it or not. There are many people out there who are still saying that the Cardinals don’t deserve to be there, and I just simply don’t agree. Granted their regular season didn’t go so well, but you can’t fault any team for winning their division – regardless of how bad the NFC West is.

Though they ‘barely’ made it into the playoffs, they have torn through some solid competition in the playoffs including the Panthers on the road and the Eagles, who were the consensus favorites to make the Super Bowl. Nevertheless the Cardinals got it done.

They deserve our respect. Tune in or grab Super Bowl tickets and see if they can continue their remarkable run.

Jan 29

Despite the recent concerns about the status Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward’s injuries, the Steelers remain one touchdown favorites over the Cardinals in Super Bowl 43. The Steelers have had the best defense in the league all season, and when their offense is clicking, they have been absolutely unstoppable.

The Cardinals have relied on their powerful offense, led by Kurt Warner, all season and they are looking to expose the gaps in the Steelers D that few teams have found throughout the season. Apparently the oddsmakers believe that a powerful defense trumps a powerful offense, thus the 7 point advantage to Pittsburgh.

I’m not a betting man, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Cardinals cover that spread as we end up with a field goal deciding the Super Bowl Champion. Don’t think I’m right? Grab some Super Bowl tickets and see for yourself.

Jan 27

Despite a poor showing in the final game of the playoffs this season, the Giants’ Eli Manning is riding the wave of last year’s Super Bowl victory into what will probably be an NFL record contract. Manning who’s numbers have always been good but by no means great, has proven to the NY Brass that he is worth throwing some money at so he doesn’t leave when his free agency kicks end after the Super Bowl.

Early indications are that Manning will likely join the $100 Million quarterback club with a contract in excess of 15 Million dollars a year and will reportedly hold 40 Million dollars in guarantees. Regardless of the final numbers, he is sure to be up in the top tier along with Philadelphia’s Donovan McNabb (12 years, $115million), Cincinnati’s Carson Palmer (nine years, $118.75 million), and former Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick (10 years, $130 million).

The burden of proof will be on Eli to prove his worth over the next few years, otherwise, we all know that the fans in New York have very short term memories when it comes to superstar’s performances.

At any rate, you can bet that New York Giants tickets will be at a premium in 2009 and beyond. You know you wanna grab some and enjoy Manning and Co.

Jan 26

Not that any team (particularly an underdog such as Arizona) needs any extra motivation going into a Super Bowl contest, but for two of the Arizona Cardinals coaches, there may be an extra reason to prove themselves against Mike Tomlin’s Steelers.

For former Steelers assistants Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, the memory of their years in Pittsburgh may not be the fondest. Both were speculated to be front runners for the head coaching job at the end of the Bill Cowher era, but Whisenhunt was let go and quickly snatched up by Arizona as their head coach, while Grimm was believed to be the front runner for the Cowher-less Steelers.

Grimm literally went to sleep the night before the announcement with the notion that he would be the next Steelers head coach. Nonetheless, it was Tomlin who got the job, leaving Grimm to team up with Whisenhunt as the Assistant HC and O-line coach.

While both coaches say there is no animosity towards Tomlin or the Steelers, don’t think for a minute that it wouldn’t be just a little sweeter to beat them in the biggest game of their coaching careers.

Watch the Super Bowl next Sunday and look for that fire in their eyes!

Jan 26

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Jan 23

After a very mediocre 2008, the New York Jets are looking to bounce back in the tough AFC East in the 2009 season. Eric Mangini was replaced as head coach by Ravens assistant Rex Ryan – and Ryan is looking to put the Jets back on the map in 2009 by building on their defense and creating a more powerful offense.

No official word yet on whether Brett Favre will return to be a part of that offense, but all signs at this point are leaning towards Favre’s retirement before the ’09 season. Nevertheless the Jets do have some key returners on offense, including RB Thomas Jones and WR Laverneus Coles.

The defense will look to replace only a few key players as they look to contend once again for the AFC East. The Jets are sure to be exciting in 2009, so buy your Jets season tickets today and enjoy the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Jan 22

The Arizona Cardinals were never on anyone’s radar this season… until they were. Arizona’s powerful offense got it done when they needed it the most – the playoffs. Despite their East coast woes throughout the season, they won the NFC West and moved through the playoffs with an offense that averaged nearly 32 points per game in the playoffs.

  • 3rd in Scoring Offense
  • 4th in Total Yards (YPG)
  • 2nd in Passing Yards (YPG)
  • 2nd in Receiving Yards (YPG)
  • 2nd in Touchdowns (Total)

Kurt Warner has led the Cardinals’ passing game along with his two phenomenal receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Additionally, Tim Hightower has been a pleasant surprise for the Cardinals’ rushing game.

As the Super Bowl approaches, rest assured that the Arizona Cardinals will watch plenty of game film to discover the holes in Pittsburgh’s defense. Super Bowl 43 is sure to be an exciting one.

Jan 21

As the Pittsburgh Steelers gear up to face the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 43, they can reflect back on their 2008 season and pinpoint the aspects of their game that have led them this far. One shining piece of their amazing season is their staunch defense which has made them a Super Bowl contender all season long.

This season the Steelers ranked at the top in every major defensive statistical category, some of which are as follows:

  • 2nd in Total Defense (YPG)
  • 5th in Passing Defense (YPG)
  • 1st in Rushing Defense (YPG)
  • 1st in Defensive Touchdowns (Total)
  • 1st in Scoring Defense (PPG)

It has often been said that “defense wins championships”… Well we are about to see if that remains true in 2009. Grab Super Bowl tickets now and watch the hard-hitting, fast-paced, nose-to-nose style of the AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jan 20

In the so called “man game” of the weekend, the two defenses of Baltimore and Pittsburgh made life difficult on the opposing offenses as Pittsburgh was able to seal it late with a Troy Palumalu pick six as the Steelers won 23-14.

Ben Roethlesberger and Santonio Holmes led the way for Pitts offense, while McNabb and Kevin Curtis offered the offensive power for the Eagles. But, as it was billed, defense was the key for both teams as interceptions gave Pittsburgh the decided advantage.

Next up for Pittsburgh is the big one against Arizona’s potent offense. Get your Super Bowl tickets now and don’t miss out on great group deals and ticket packages!

Jan 19

In one of the most improbable late-season runs in recent NFL history, the Arizona Cardinals are set to face the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII. Behind a phenomenal first effort (mostly by Larry Fitzgerald) was enough to push the Cardinals on to victory, despite a late surge from Philadelphia.

At 38 years of age, Kurt Warner is perhaps the biggest story of this post season. Entering his second Super Bowl of the 21st century, he may be the difference for the potent Arizona offense this year. Additionally, the tandem of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin could rack up the yards in a big way for the Cardinal’s passing game.

We get one weekend off before the big game, but grab your Super Bowl tickets now and get the best prices!

Jan 19

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Jan 16

After going 3-4 in week one, I went an abysmal 1-4 last week. So at .500 for the post season, I’m not feeling very confident in my pick ‘um abilities. Nevertheless, I’m going to go out on a limb here and pick the Conference Championship games for the NFC and AFC.

In the NFC, Philadelphia gets to head to the much much warmer climate of Phoenix to tangle with the Arizona Cardinals. Two great stories here are the two QBs in Donovan McNabb and Kurt Warner who are both trying to end improbable seasons with Super Bowl appearances. I never would have thought that Arizona would have a chance to be here, but I think they can get it done in the desert.

Arizona wins 28-24.

In the AFC, we get to see two teams tangle that are very familiar with each other in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. While Pittsburgh has won the two regular season games in the series, I think that the Ravens are going to go in with fury and with revenge on the mind. In a very defensive contest, however, it’s going to be pure talent that helps the Steelers to prevail.

Pittsburgh gets it done, 17-7.

Grab your Super Bowl tickets now and be there for your favorite team!

Jan 15

In week 13, the Eagles were just beginning to peak when they hosted the Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles absolutely dominated that game and sent the Cards back to Sun Valley after putting up just shy of 50 points on them as they won 48-20. But that was then. This is now.

The Cardinals struggled throughout the regular season when playing on the east coast, not only going winless, but being dominated in almost every trip to the East coast. But, alas, that was then. This weekend’s contest will see the Cardinals host the Eagles in the friendly confines of the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Both of these teams are coming off of huge “upsets” as the Eagles snuck past their most bitter rivals, the New York Giants, while the Cardinals pulled off an improbably thumping of the Panthers in Carolina. This game is sure to be equally as exciting as both teams have the ability to put up some serious points.

Whether you are a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, or the Philadelphia Eagles, grab some tickets and watch the NFL Playoffs up close and personal!

Jan 14

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are no strangers to one another. Both coming from the AFC North, they have had a chance to get to know each other, which may not sit well with the Ravens, who have been on the short end of the stick in both of their previous two games this season.

The Ravens bring a great defense, and an upstart offense lead by rookie QB Joe Flacco (who, incidentally played for the University of Pittsburgh before transferring to Delaware), while the Steelers bring an equally – if not better – powerful defense and a veteran QB in Ben Roethlesberger.

This is the year of Defense in the AFC and despite last week’s Pittsburgh/San Diego defensive disappointment, expect this to be a low scoring affair – particularly if the Ravens win it. Grab your AFC Championship game tickets and experience the NFL playoffs!

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