Nov 28

Philadelphia Eagles fans had a lot to be happy for on Thursday as their team pounded Arizona 48-20 behind remarkable performances by Brian Westbrook and Donovan McNabb. Westbrook racked up 110 yards rushing, and 20 receiving but also scored four touchdowns for the Eagles.

Meanwhile, QB Donovan McNabb threw for four touchdowns of his own as he was 27-39 for 260 yards. The win was just what the doctor ordered for Philadelphia as they climbed to 6-5 -1 on the year only two games out of second place in the NFC East.

The Redskins and Cowboys recent success coupled with the Giants unbelievable season means that the NFC East is as tough a division as you’ll find in the NFL this year and could spell heartbreak for the Eagles.
With games like they had on Thursday, however they should be able to make a run. Fan support is always a plus, so grab some Philadelphia Eagles tickets and cheer on the E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!

Nov 27

Seattle may not be the toughest opponent that Dallas could have played on Thanksgiving Day, but they certainly shouldn’t have the pushover that the Cowboys made them look like during their 34-9 Thanksgiving contest in Dallas.

Dallas has had its ups and downs this year, but lately its been nothing but ups, as Dallas has handled their competition easily in each of the last three weeks after much speculation about their playoff hopes.

Tony Romo was 22.34 for 287 yards on Thursday, while Jason Whitten caught nine of his passes for 115 yards. It was the type of offensive output that we all knew the Cowboys were capable of, but hadn’t seemed to show in the first half of the season.

As for the Defense, they allowed a FG in each of the first three quarters, but held the Seahawks scoreless in the final period. The Cowboys are legit, so grab some Dallas Cowboys tickets, get to the stadium, and watch them pummel some folks.

Nov 26

Winning a Super Bowl and taking home the MVP award should be enough for anyone to give Eli Manning credit for being a good quarterback, but his biggest step in becoming his own man may have happened in his first season as a defending Super Bowl champion.

Not only are the Giants playing like the best team in the NFL, but big brother Peyton’s struggles in Indianapolis are making the contrast of the Manning boys less annoying for Eli which means that he now has an even better opportunity to become his own man, and his own player.

The New York Giants are the odds-on favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl right now, and Manning is a huge reason for that. Add a strong, tough running back in Brandon Jacobs, a solid receiving corps and a lot of team chemistry and the formula for success is evident.

Grab some New York Giants tickets and watch a fantastic team as they make their way into the playoffs yet again.

Nov 25

No doubt that this season’s biggest story was “How would Brett Favre fair in a new uniform?” and the concerns were legitimate as the Jets started the season on a rather mediocre note, while Favre’s former team, Green Bay started strong under new QB Aaron Rodgers.

But despite their respective starts, it looks like the two teams roles have reversed in the past few weeks, as Green Bay just finished up their huge win against formerly undefeated Tennessee, while Green Bay took a Monday night thumping from New Orleans, who put up their highest offensive output ever.

While it still remains to be seen exactly what will happen, it seems as though Favre’s Jets are on their way to an AFC east title, while Rodger’s Packers only lead 0-11 Detroit in a very mediocre NFC North conference.

If you want to see for yourself, just grab some New York Jets tickets and check out the NFL’s iron man for yourself.

Nov 24

The Titans have been the team to watch so far this year, running up a 10-0 tally to remain the only unbeaten team in the NFL. Though they never did it by dominating anyone, they were able to run up an impressive string of victories to set themselves apart as the NFLs best.

That is until the New York Jets came to town and did a number on the Titans in a 34-13 route. Brett Favre led the way for the Jets with 224 yards on 25-32 passing and two TDs, while Thomas Jones got 27 touches for 96 yards and a score. Leon Washington came off the bench in the 4th quarter to score two TDs of 61 and 4 yards to cap off the Jets offensive showing.

Look for the Jets to make their move now to pull away from New England, Miami, and Buffalo to take the AFC East title. Grab some NY Jets tickets, and join them for the ride.

Nov 24

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Nov 21

Fresh off of a 14-10 win against bitter rival Washington, the Dallas Cowboys are looking to build on their recent success, while Tony Romo looks to continue to improve as he recovers from a mid-season leg injury.

Dallas is still looking for some consistency in its season, and the return of Romo may be just the boost they need to continue to make a run in the NFC. After starting the season 3-0, the Cowboys ran into the Redskins for the first time back in September. Washington prevailed in that matchup and Dallas went 2-4 during the middle stretch of the season before finding a their bye week two weeks ago.

They have a very mixed bag ahead of them with games against teams like Pittsburg, and the NY Giants, as well as easier contests against Seattle, and this week at San Francisco. They may need every victory they can scrape up in order to sit comfortably for the playoffs. Grab some Dallas Cowboys tickets and see if Romo, T.O. and Whitten can get it done.

Nov 19

In the wild, the eagle is definitely considered among the toughest of birds, but when speaking of defensive football, it’s the Ravens who have proven themselves to be the elite. Baltimore and Philadelphia face off this weekend in an intra-conference rivalry that means a lot for both teams.

Donovan McNabb and the Eagles are sitting at the bottom of the NFC east, but they are only one game out of 2nd place and their playoffs hopes are by no means dashed. Hopefully their tie last weekend against Cincinnati won’t come back to haunt them.

Meanwhile, the Ravens are in a more comfortable position in second place in the AFC North and would more than likely be in the post season if they started today. The Ravens have used their defense to get it done so far as they hold opponents to 18 points per game.

This weekend’s matchup is likely to be a physical, tough battle, so find some Philadelphia Eagles tickets and go check it out!

Nov 18

Most fans knew that Brett Favre’s signing would give the Jets a better team. Leadership on and off the field, experience, a solid arm, and an iron man streak makes Favre a great acquisition by the Jets to replace Chad Pennington. But what people didn’t expect, was that this year’s version of the Jets would be 7-3 and all alone in the lead in the AFC East.

Not only has Favre proven that he still has what it takes, but Thomas Jones, Laverneus Coles, and other contributors have given the Jets a very solid football team that have put last year’s abysmal season well behind them going into the home stretch of the season.

The Dolphins, Patriots, and Bills are all within easy striking distance of the Jets, but it is Mangini’s Jets who have managed to win the big games, play aggressively, and stave off the oncoming attacks to hold on to the division lead.

Only time will tell if the Jets can hang on, but for now, grab some NY Jets Tickets and watch Favre’s boys give it all they’ve got!

Nov 17

If there was one thing that every NFL analyst could agree on regarding the Baltimore Ravens, it is that their defense in tough. The Raven’s rush defense in particular has been nearly unpenetratable all season, so many people knew that their matchup against the Giants’ Brandon Jacobs would be an all-out war.

Jacobs is known for being perhaps the most physical runner in the NFL and he proved himself against the staunch Ravens defense on Sunday, racking up two touchdowns on 77 yards, as the Giants took the game 30-10. Ahmad Bradshaw balanced the running attack as well, as he put up 96 yards rushing which included a 77 yard scamper.

The passing game accompanied the running game nicely as Eli Manning threw for 153 yards and a touchdown. He also threw one interception in the game. All in all it was a great showing for the Giants who proved their continued dominance against a phenomenal defense.

If you’re in New York, you’ve got to get out and grab some New York Giants tickets and watch the Giants continue to exercise their dominance.

Nov 17

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Nov 14

The New York Jets took first place in the brutal AFC east last night despite being on the other end of a career night from New England’s Matt Cassel. Brett Favre’s Jets played its typical high powered offense as Favre put up 258 yards passing with two touchdowns and no turnovers, and out-of-nowhere running back Thomas Jones amassed another 100 yard game with a touchdown.

But the real story of the game, was New England QB Matt Cassel. After getting his first opportunity to start since High School, Cassel has struggled to prove himself over the past 8 weeks, but he announced his presence with authority last night racking up 400 yards passing and three touchdowns.

Cassel’s efforts were enough to carry the team as they took the Jets into overtime before giving up a FG in the sudden death overtime period. The Jets now have the division lead, but there’s a lot of football left to play. Grab some New York Jets tickets and be a part of the best division in the NFL.

Nov 12

It’s been a tough stretch for Dallas under backup QB Brad Johnson. Over the past four weeks, the Cowboys have only mustered one win (in which they only put up 13 points against Tampa Bay) and their offense has simply not produced as they have not managed to score more than 14 points during any game during that stretch.

Romo is slated to return this week – and not a moment too soon, as the Cowboys face off with their most bitter NFC rivals, the Washington Redskins in a game that gives the Cowboys an opportunity to gain confidence, and the Redskins a chance a separation.

Earlier this week, Cowboys coach Jerry Jones told the press that the Cowboys will “absolutely make the playoffs”. Well Jerry, that road begins right now against Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, and the Washington Redskins. The game will be televised on Sunday Night Football, but if you are in Washington, grab some Dallas Cowboys tickets, and see if Romo can get it done.

Nov 11

The AFC East is THE division to watch right now in the NFL as all four teams in the division are separated by just one game with New England and the New York Jets lead the division at 6-3, while the Buffalo bills and the shocking Miami Dolphins trail by only one game, and are in the thick of the wild card race as well.

Coming off of an absolutely dreadful season last year, the Miami Dolphins are looking to complete their fantastic early season run with a playoff berth. Tony Sparano has done a fantastic job leading the Dolphins so far, and Chad Pennington, Ronnie Brown, and even Ricky Williams have played huge roles in helping the offense produce far beyond their 2007 numbers.

Not only can you avoid the winter weather in Miami this year, but you can also grab some Miami Dolphins tickets and help root the team on as they make a very legitimate run at the playoffs in one of the great turn around seasons in NFL history.

Nov 10

Coming off an impressive win, against the re-struggling Rams, the New York Jets will face one of their biggest challenges of the year in an unfamiliar New England team. Regardless of the failed expectations of New England’s fans and the more-or-less happiness of the Jets fans, this game is an absolute toss up as Matt Cassel has been impressive in running the offense of New England.

In an AFC east division that is, at this point, anyone’s this game could be huge for creating separation and giving one team the inside track to the division title and a springboard into the playoffs.

The Jets and Pats have been bitter rivals and tensions heated up in 2007 among allegations of New England staffers filming the Jets using the film to learn offensive schemes that may have given them an unfair advantage.

As New England attempts to defend its AFC title, look for most of its stiffest competition to come from within its own division as the 6-3 Pats face off against, the 6-3 Jets, while the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins lurk at 5-4. Grab New York Jets tickets now and cheer on the AFC team of your choice.

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