Oct 28

New York Jets fans are known for being slightly rambunctious if not over critical of their players and their beloved team. No more evident was this than on Sunday when thousands of fans were heard jeering and booing quarterback Brett Favre after a sub-par performance in the first three quarters of their game against Kansas City.

Favre threw three interceptions in the first three quarters of the game, as the Jets trailed 24-21 early in the fourth quarter. Favre apparently took the boos as motivation, as he swiftly led the Jets downfield on a scoring drive that gave the Jets the 28-14 win.

Fans have always known that Favre can, at times, have a bit of a control problem, but his also a leader on the field and can make huge plays when the time is right. Fans with Jets tickets will undoubtedly continue to have their ups and downs in terms of their adoration for Favre, but for now it seems as though he’s capable of using disgruntled fans as motivation.

Oct 27

Sunday’s matchup between the Pittsburg Steelers and New York Giants was, for many pundits, a preview of this year’s Super Bowl. The Giants, led by Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, and Plaxico Burress look like contenders to make a repeat appearance in the Super Bowl, while the Steelers, led by Ben Rothelesburger and Hines Ward are looking to take the next step in returning as the AFC champions after a 2 year drought.

In a back-and-forth matchup that saw 5 lead changes, it was the Giants who pulled it out with 12 of their 21 points coming in the fourth quarter. John Carney converted four field goals for the Giants who struggled to find the end zone until there were just over 3 minutes left in the game when Manning found Kevin Boss for a two-yard touchdown which effectively sealed that game for the Giants.

After watching the game, there’s no doubt that these two teams could be seeing each other down the road for the NFL’s championship. Keep an eye on both teams and grab some Super Bowl tickets now.

Oct 27

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Oct 24

When Matt Ryan was growing up in Philadelphia, he was and Eagles fan, after High School graduation, he continued to be a fan of the team as he himself became a part of the Eagles – the Boston College variety, however. During the 2007 NFL draft, he was chosen to represent another avian creature, as he became a Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

Ryan has made quite the journey from high school, to Heisman hopeful, to starting quarterback in the NFL and the next stop on his journey is back in Philadelphia as the Falcons and Eagles go after each other this Sunday in an important NFC contest for both teams.

Philadelphia Eagles tickets should be slightly easier to come by this week as the big competition will be game three of the World Series as the beloved Phillies take on Tampa Bay in the go-ahead game in the Fall Classic. If you’re in the Philadelphia are, this could be a great opportunity to take your family to a fall-weather football game in Philadelphia.

Oct 23

All Eyes will be on the quarterbacks this week as Dallas and Tampa Bay go after each other on Sunday. The two QBs are very similar in that they are both old (TB QB Jeff Garcia is 38 and Dallas QB Brad Johnson is 40) and are both journeymen QB’s who have found themselves at the helm of suddenly struggling football teams.

Both teams are looking for a rise out of the middle of the NFL pack and a path to the playoffs. For Dallas this game is absolutely huge, with road games against Washington and the New York Giants looming. For Tampa Bay, this is a great opportunity to win a huge game and climb into the driver’s seat in the NFC South.

The big difference in the teams is that Johnson was recently thrust into the starting role behind center with the loss of Tony Romo, while Garcia has been the QB all season for the Bucs, who have so far managed a 5-2 record and an excellent shot at the playoffs.

If you’re anywhere near Texas Stadium this weekend, you have to get to this game! It’s guaranteed to be a fight, so grab your Cowboys tickets now!

Oct 22

To say the Kansas City Chiefs are struggling would be a huge understatement. Not only have the Chiefs only managed one victory this year, they have lost their last two games by a combined score of 68-10. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Quarterback Brody Croyle left during last week’s game and is expected to miss “several” weeks. This QB situation is compounded by the Chiefs lack of any “quality” backups who could help get them through the rut.

The Chiefs were rumored to have contacted retired Dolphins/Vikings QB Donte Culpepper this week in order to help them fill their gaping QB void. However, they wouldn’t have him ready in time for this week’s game against the New York Jets.

Speaking of the Jets, they are looking forward to this weekend’s matchup with the Chiefs with cautious anticipation. Conventional wisdom would say that a home game against one of the worst teams in the NFL would be a proverbial cake walk, however the Jets know that their 3-3 record is nothing to be overly confident in. In fact, they themselves just lost to a perennial cellar-dweller in Oakland last Sunday.

In a game that means a lot for both teams – the Jets need to pull out of mediocrity while the Chiefs need to end their skid and establish some more confidence, particularly in their offense without Croyle. As always, paper doesn’t matter. They’ll have to play it out on the field. Make sure and watch.

Oct 21

Matt Cassel had his coming out party, and the Denver Broncos were invited. Tom Brady’s early season replacement has been a huge question mark for the Patriots so far this season, but he did all he could to help repel the critics with his 185 yard, 3 touchdown performance against a lackluster Denver Broncos defense.

Fueled by offensive mistakes, Denver turned the ball over 5 times, by fumbling it away 3 times – once on each of their first two offensive possessions. Additionally, Jay Cutler – who has set himself apart as one of the League’s great young QB’s – threw two interceptions that helped the Patriots keep great field position and kept the struggling Denver defense on their toes.

Patriots ticket holders have definitely been less than thrilled with the team’s success this year, coming off of unimaginable expectations after last year’s almost undefeated campaign. With Lawrence Maroney now out for the season as well, it’s not only up to Cassell to carry the load, but also to Sammy Morris who will be the featured back from now on.

Up next for the Pats, are the newly revamped St. Louis Rams who are looking to continue their winning ways after a very slow start that ushered their head coach out the door. Look for a tough matchup from two teams with something to prove.

Oct 20

Despite early struggles and big plays by the 49ers, the NY Football Giants were able to hang on to defeat San Francisco on Sunday afternoon, 29-17. Eli Manning led the Giants with 161 yards in the air as well as a touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress while throwing no interceptions. On the ground, it was once again all Brandon Jacobs as the emerging pro-bowl candidate carried the ball 17 times for 69 yards and two touchdowns.

For San Francisco, J.T. O’Sullivan continued to struggle against the Giants as he completed 16 of 28 for 256 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions. The turnover margin was huge in this game, as the two picks from O’Sullivan, as well as a fumble by Frank Gore and another by O’Sullivan that resulted in a Safety that clinched the game for the Giants in the fourth quarter.

It almost seemed as though the Niners hung in this game despite themselves as they fumbled, threw interceptions and made bad decisions throughout – and still had a chance in the fourth quarter – only down by 10 late.

Regardless, the Giants pulled it out and upped their record to 5-1. This is the sort of wake up game that can be huge for a good team. They should be able to learn a lot from this, while still preserving the win. If you’re in Pittsburg this week grab some New York Giants tickets and watch them take on the Steelers.

Oct 20

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Oct 16

Last year, many sports pundits, fans and analysts thought that Miami had a realistic shot at going 0-17 and being in the record books as the worst team in NFL history. They ended up at 1-16 and knew that this year was going to be critical for them if they were to get back on track. They hired longtime head coach Bill Parcels as GM, whose first major act was to get rid of the team’s best player, Jason Taylor – for really no good reason.

Many people thought that would be the death knell for this year’s variety of Dolphins – and feelings were echoed after the team went 0-2 to begin the year. But surprisingly, the team is now 2-3 after beating New England and San Diego – last year’s AFC Championship contenders.

After beginning the year with a two-back tandem of Ronnie Brown and former Heisman winner Ricky Williams, they have now begun to use Brown much more exclusively as he has emerged as the backbone of the “wildcat” offensive scheme that has put them back in contention in 2008.

If you live in Miami or in any of their host cities, grab some Miami Dolphins tickets and watch this team as they continue to improve on last year’s abysmal season.

Oct 15

Tony Romo’s injury in last week’s Cowboys game was as big of an injury as we’ve seen in the NFL all year – well, except for the season-ending knee injury of Patriots QB Tom Brady, that is. In truth though, the two injuries are very similar. Both teams entered the season with lofty expectations – extremely lofty expectations, both teams were quarterback oriented with superb passing games and more-than-adequate rushing games, and both teams were led by playboy-type quarterbacks that are nearly as well known for their off-the-field escapades as their on-the-field play.

Romo’s finger injury, however, will likely only see him sidelined for a handful of games, as opposed to the entire season. But the real difference in the two comes in looking at their backups.

Brady’s now well-known backup, Matt Cassell , is young, inexperienced, and never started a game before in college or in the NFL. His lack of big game experience was a huge question mark for the Patriots offense, and in fact, still is. For those with Cowboys Tickets, they have a whole different kind of question mark when looking at Romo’s back up, Brad Johnson.

Johnson is not inexperienced, or young – in fact, that’s the problem. He’s 40 years old, the oldest QB in the league and in many fans’ minds isn’t going to be able to lead the team the same way that 28 year old Romo has. Nevertheless, we have seen great things from older quarterbacks and Johnson may not be any different than Kirk Warner, Brett Favre, or Vinny Testeverde.

Then again, there’s Trent Green who has struggled so severely with injuries that he’s constantly teetering on the edge of retirement – hopefully for Johnson he’ll be among the latter group.

Oct 14

The New York Football Giants came into their Monday night contest with Cleveland with the NFL’s longest active win streak going back to last season a streak that included the playoffs and their Super Bowl victory against New England to end their miracle season after they started 17-0.

A common occurrence after something so improbably happened is for fans and TV hosts to speculate that it could all happen again, and this year, many people thought that the Giants could go undefeated this year after a 4-0 start with strong showings by Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs, as well as the Giants defense – even without future Hall of Famer, Michael Strahan.

But it seems like everyone was hit with a cold burst of reality on Monday Night Football as the so far mediocre Browns had their way with the Giants and put them away in Cleveland 35-14. Every time it seemed like things were shifting into the favor of the Giants, something happened to stifle their comeback, like the 94 yard pick six, for instance in the fourth quarter that resulted in Cleveland’s final score – it was Eli’s third pick of the game, quadrupling his season total.

It was unrealistic to expect the Giants to go undefeated, and they are still perhaps the best team in the NFC and the all-out favorites to win the Conference again this year. Stay on the bandwagon, grab some Giants tickets and be a part of the NFL!

Oct 13

Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb were both on record as saying that their week six matchup with San Francisco was a huge one for their team who are looking to rise from relative mediocrity after a so-so start to the season.

Leading 17-16 at half time, they Eagles were looking for signs of life from their offense as well as some sort of stability in their defense. They found both in the 4th quarter as McNabb led the Eagles to victory 40-26. It was that 4th quarter, in which the Eagles outscored the 49ers 23-0 that made all the difference after San Francisco took a 26-10 lead after outscoring Philadelphia 10-0 in the 3rd.

Without their star running back, Brian Westbrook, the Eagles were faced with uncertainty of how their offense would click, but McNabb, who himself was ailing, made it happen – completing 23 of 36 pass attempts for 278 yards and two touch downs. He also threw one interception.

Up next for the Eagles and McNabb: a much deserved bye week, which will allow their wounds to heal a bit as they prepare for Atlanta in two weeks.

Philly fans have a lot to be proud of right now, so grab some Philadelphia Eagles Tickets and get ready to yell!

Oct 13

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Oct 10

Entering the 2008 season, it looked as though the Eagles had everything on track to potentially get back into the post season for the first time since 2004, when they made it to the Super Bowl. After all, it looked like Donovan McNabb was healthy, they had an absolute star at running back with Brian Westbrook, they had a solid receiving core, and a stout defense. What more could they want?

Well, in perfect Philly fashion, they have managed to underachieve and have gotten off to a mediocre 2-3 start with losses to Dallas, Chicago, and Washington. What’s worse is that Donovan McNabb, for the most part, has not been living up to expectations, Brian Westbrook has a rib injury that could sideline him for a few weeks, and the receiving core has not been living up to their lofty expectations.

Following back-to-back losses against Chicago and Washington, the Eagles are looking to bounce back and prove that they deserve to be among the top teams in the NFC. Grab some Philadelphia Eagles tickets and support the team in their quest to regain dominance in the National Football League.

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