Jun 30

Throughout the week of June 30th Joan Rivers will guest host a show on Sirius Radio entitled “Can We Talk… About Broadway.” The show will be an hour at noon ET, with an encore broadcast at 6 pm ET. It will run from Monday through Friday, July 4th. The entire show will also be rerun on Sunday, July 6th at 9 am and 9 pm.

The show will feature Rivers’ outrageous sense of humor and love for Broadway. She will introduce show tunes, play songs, and offer special commentary on her favorite Broadway shows. She will also feature rarely heard excerpts from the “Ed Sullivan Show” from the 60’s.

This marks a great opportunity for Broadway fans to hear entertaining discussion about their favorite topic. It’s also a great chance for those who haven’t been exposed to Broadway and all of its glory to become familiar with the world of theater. Anything that promotes this often-overlooked art form is a good thing for the theater. Hopefully it will inspire more people to purchase Broadway tickets.

Sirius Radio delivers more than 130 channels. All broadcasting is commercial free, in satellite radio. There are 69 music channels. There are 65 channels with sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic, weather and data. It’s the future of radio. It’s nice to see Broadway getting it’s due with such a great media form.

Jun 30

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Not to be outdone, the long-running Phantom of the Opera comes in third on the list this past week. Despite being on Broadway for several years, this timeless classic still is a hot ticket.

Yet another Broadway musical makes the list as Jersey Boys tickets were a hot commodity on www.SelectATicket.com last week. The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons still packs the crowds and Select A Ticket is happy to help you acquire these hard to find tickets.

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Be sure to come back next Monday to see which events top this week’s list of Hot Tickets from Select A Ticket.

Jun 27

Coming off of a very disappointing series against one of baseball’s most disappointing teams, it’s time for a little assessment. Larry Brooks of the New York Post had some hard reality for the New York Post yesterday:

“They are the residue of their historic collapse last September, a consequence of a flawed roster and a fragile rotation. They are a disappointment, no matter how much they wish to massage it, no matter how much they may detest their reflection in their own mirrors.”

Forget the fact that they mitigated the damage on Wednesday with an 8-2 win over the Mariners. It’s only a small consolation when you consider the all out drubbing they incurred the night before, losing 0-11.

Brooks says that this is the very definition of a mediocre team—to win a few, and then lose a few, as if they were ambling through life, without consideration of their actual performance.

The franchise would suggest that they’re taking their mediocrity very seriously, taking actions that demonstrate the repellent nature of said patchiness. I mean, why else did they fire Willie Randolph? Interim manager, Jerry Manuel suggested that it was time for tough decisions on Tuesday night after their embarrassing loss. What do you suppose he meant by that?

Time will tell. Let’s hope that those interested in buying Mets tickets in the coming months are able to stay patient.

Jun 26

Joe Girardi tends to be one of the more positive managers. He likes to see the silver lining on bad performances. But there was no silver lining to the Yankees overwhelming loss to the Pittsburg Pirates on Tuesday night. His response was without equivocation—“We stunk!” This loss was then matched by an equally great performance Wednesday by the same team and Joba Chamberlain on the mound.

Tuesday’s loss was their third loss in four games. All of those teams, I might add, have losing records. Hitless Alex Rodriguez, when being interviewed about the game, felt that Girardi’s expression of disgust was unnecessary. But being a leader is about stating the reality, and the reality is that the Yankees grossly underperformed Tuesday. They missed multiple chances for victory.

Wednesday’s win shows the Yankees in all of their promise and capacity. They won 10-0. Chamberlain proved Girardi’s decision to move him to starter. Girardi is quoted in the Daily News as saying:

“Joba has the ability to pitch games like this; that’s the kind of stuff he has. When you lose three out of four, you want to get back on the right track. Joba was up to the task.”

It’s hard to know who Yankees fans are going to see from one night to the next. Are they going to see a powerful winning team, or a team that throws all of it’s opportunity down the toilet?

Jun 25

Whoopie Goldberg and DreamTeam Entertainment Group have given acclaimed singer and songwriter, India.Arie, a chance on Broadway. They will be producing a re-envisioned production of “For Color Girls who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.”

The play with a very long title was first featured Off-Broadway at the Public Theater in May 1976. It then made its move to Broadway on September 10, 1976. It played for 876 performances. It also toured the U.S. for two years.

It was written by Ntozake Shange, a performer, poet, playwright, and novelist. The new revision will feature new and updated material from Shange.

India.Arie is one of the most acclaimed singers and songwriters of the neo-soul movement. She is known for her acoustic sound and thoughtful lyrics. She’s won two Grammy Awards and has received 16 nominations.

The new play will be directed by Jo Finney, a newcomer to Broadway, but acclaimed theater director nonetheless. She has been honored with an NAACP Image Award and an L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award for her production of “Yellow Man” at the Fountain Theatre on the West Coast.

Choreography will be by Hinton Battle, a three-time Tony winner. Musical Direction will be offered by Harold Wheeler, recipient of seven Tony nominations.

Be watching for Broadway tickets online for this exciting show.

Jun 24

Fred Wilpon is getting defensive about the decision to let Willie Randolph go. He insists that it was very simply a numbers a game—not enough wins.

An article today in the New York Post by Mark Hale paraphrases Wilpon saying, “the former manager was well aware of what the winning standard was going to be when he was hired.” Wilpon suggests that although Randolph did a good job, when they looked at the numbers, he wasn’t meeting their winning expectation.

Apparently Wilpon was also very defensive of General Manager, Omar Minaya, suggesting that he’s “done a great job.” He outlines how the firing transpired. Minaya called Wilpon on the 15th saying that he wanted to have a meeting the next day, that he wanted to fire Randolph and two coaches, that he wanted to do it quickly and in person. He also said that he wanted to sleep on it. Which he did. The meeting was then held the next morning at 9 am where the decision was finally made.

What still isn’t answered is why the Minaya disregarded his own resolve and made the move through an email in the middle of the night.

This will no doubt be a famous moment for Mets fans to relieve for years—the night Willie Randolph got the axe by email. Maybe if the Mets can turn around a mediocre season, it will be a decision that one sort of smirks at, rather than disgusts in.

Jun 23

Entering this weekend’s series against the Cincinnati Reds, it looked as if the Yankees were salvaging a mediocre season. Things weren’t looking bad. But the loss of Chien-Ming Wang seemed to boding ill-fate for the Yanks. The only consolation to going down the first two games was a resurgent win on the third.

Game one was their first loss after a 7 game winning streak. It came, in part, from a controversial call by Joe Girardi. He told Mike Mussina to intentionally walk Jay Bruce. This was followed up by a Jolbert Cabrera’s double down the left field, setting the pace for a three-run inning for the Reds which culminated in a 4-2 loss.

Game two provided opportunities for the Yankees that never came to fruition, with the Reds again handing them a loss 6-0. The New York Post quotes Johnny Damon who managed to walk three times without scoring:

“It’s just a shame because we had so many opportunities to score runs and we didn’t. We didn’t find a way to put any pressure on them.”

Game three’s win owes a lot to Andy Pettitte. His time on the mound ended in the 6th inning with a rain delay. But it ended 19 straight innings without allowing a run. Additionally, he’s only allowed one run in his last three starts, all of which ended in Yankee victory.

Let’s hope that the rest of the New York Yankees season looks more like game 3, rather than game 1 and 2.

Jun 23

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Lion King

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Jun 20

Everyone in the entertainment industry knows that Harvey and Bob Weinstein have been two of the most successful producers in Hollywood for the last 30 years. They created Miramax, a production company that represented the highest artistic quality, producing arthouse films that tended to also have strong box office draw and won many awards.

Both Harvey and Bob left Miramax in 2005, creating another company called The Weinstein Company.

These two producers are now following an industry trend of converting movies into Broadway musicals. They will be developing musicals of their hit films: “Finding Neverland,” “The Wall,” “Shakespeare in Love,” “Chocolat,” “Cinema Paradiso,” and “Shall We Dance.”

They have had a growing interest in the theater over the last few years, having co-produced the recent Tony winning “August: Osage County” and “Boeing-Boeing.”

This trend toward reworking films into stage plays is an understandable evolution. If the material worked on the big screen, you have a ready-made brand, with instant recognition to potential audiences.

This trend also broadens the appeal of the stage to the masses. You gotta’ know that a lot of people who never considered paying money for Broadway tickets will be lining up with their kids to see “Shrek” next year.

In the case of the Weinsteins, they own numerous properties that lend themselves to a musical format. They also have strong connections with Hollywood stars. They hope to lure such big screen stars as Juliette Binoche and Gwyneth Paltrow to Broadway to reprise their famous roles.

Jun 19

Omar Minaya, the Mets GM who issued the infamous canning, claims that he warned Willie Randolph several days before that the firing was on its way. Randolph claims that he got a totally different message, thinking that he was speaking of coaches that were going to be let go.

Additionally, Randolph feels that his ousting happened to early. He felt like he had a team that he could work with, a team that would find it’s groove this season and end strong.

It seems agreed in the press that Randolph’s middle of the night email firing was done in bad form. But now that it’s been done, what is in the future for Mr. Randolph?

In the New York Post today they quote Randolph as saying:

“Once you get a taste of managing, it’s pretty cool, and I want to get back into it. Depending on who is calling, I want to do it again. I’m not ready to retire. I’m going to enjoy myself for now. But if the phone rings, I’m going to answer.”

With Randolph gone, do Mets ticket holders have something exciting to look forward to in the coming months? There’s no question that the Mets have talent. Will the new Interim Manager Jerry Manuel, save this season? Time will tell.

Jun 18

The big news in New York sports this week was the class-defying firing of Willie Randolph from his Mets Manager post. But other big events have been happening with the other team in the city. It’s both good and bad.

Let’s start with the bad. Chien Ming Wang, one of their best starting pitchers, hurt himself running bases in Houston on Sunday. It was a right foot injury sustained rounding the third base in the sixth inning of the Yankees 13-0 victory over the Astros.

This has raised serious questions about the league requirement for pitchers to bat.

Although Joe Girardi admits that he would never play a pitcher in an American League game, he was somewhat defensive of the tradition in the New York Post:

“Contrary to some people’s belief, baseball players are athletes, and running should be a part of their athletic endeavor. I haven’t seen [an injury while running the bases] happen to another pitcher.

“I think it’s somewhat of a freak accident. It’s unfortunate that it happened to us.”

Now the good news. The Yankees are doing kind of awesome these days. They’ve won five straight. They’re five games above .500. They’re 18-9 since Alex Rodriguez returned to the line-up. Things were definitely going there way before the Wang accident, but with Mussina, Chamberlain, and Pettitte doing well, things could very much continue for the New York Yankees.

Jun 17

There were three big winners on Sunday night at the 2008 Tony Awards, giving Broadway ticket buyers an understanding of which plays we must see this year. The first was “In the Heights” which won best musical. The second was “August: Osage County” which won best play. And the third was “South Pacific” which won best revival and the most Tony’s of the night.

“In the Heights” is a depiction of Latino life in upper Manhattan. Lin-Manuel Miranda made an unusual acceptance speech choice for winning best score. He rapped his speech. It won three Tony’s including best musical, best original score, best choreography, and best orchestration.

“August: Osage County” tells the story of a family returning to their rural home in Oklahoma when the father of the family disappears. It won five awards including best play, best performance by a leading actress in a play, best performance by a featured actress in a play, best direction of a play, and best scenic design of a play.

South Pacific tells two romantic stories in the South Pacific during World War II. It won 7 Tony Awards Sunday, including best revival of a musical, best performance by a leading actor in a musical, best direction of a musical, best scenic design of a musical, best costume design of a musical, best lighting design of a musical, best sound design of a musical.

Jun 16

Imagine being a manager for an organization where you read about getting fired in the newspaper ever day. Imagine how difficult that would be. You now capture a glimpse of the pressure that Willie Randolph is under.

Managers get let go all of the time. it happens in every organization. Sometimes the blame falls squarely on the manager. But often, in most cases, the blame is both the organization’s and the manager’s.

Every manager is forced to deal with the cards that have been given to him or her. No one likes to fail. But sometimes situations are un-winnable. So is Randolph to blame for his now imminent demise?

Sam Borden of the blog LoHud.com suggests that Randolph is somewhat to blame:

“A major-league manager’s job has less to do with tactical and in-game decisions than it does with perpetually motivating a group of egotistical, highly paid athletes to perform up to their given talents. Anyone who has watched the frequently lackadaisical efforts the Mets have offered recently knows that Randolph has failed on that count.”

But blame has got fall on other individuals as well.  There may be other firings needed.  There are going to be big changes needed to turn around this team that keeps disappointing Mets ticket holders.

Jun 16

Last week’s top 5 events on www.SelectATicket.com are as follows:

  1. New York Red Bulls Tickets
  2. Jersey Boys
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With the announcement of the Tony Awards last night, let’s see if that brings a rise in Broadway interest for this week when we report in next Monday!

Jun 13

As far as I know, there isn’t a tradition for baseball players to give a gift to their team on their birthday. I don’t even believe it’s a Japanese tradition. But in the case of Hideki Matsui, his 34th birthday was last night and he delivered a big gift to his Yankees team.

The bases were loaded in the sixth inning. Derek Jeter got himself on base with an infield hit. Blanton then walked Bobby Abreu and Alex Rodriguez. There were zero outs. It was the perfect opportunity for a home run, which Matsui turned into a grand slam.

Just hours earlier, the Japanese media, which has a tradition of giving gifts, brought Matsui a large strawberry shortcake birthday gift. He graciously accepted the gift, blowing out the candles, but declined eating a peace of the cake with his game coming up. Talk about focus.

But that focus paid off with a gift of his own to a team very much in need of a win over the Oakland A’s. Andy Pettitte also contributed with a strong performance, allowing one run and five hits in eight innings. It’s his sixth win this season.

When all is said and done, I don’t think that a birthday had anything to do with the win. Matsui simply got a great opportunity to do something great, and he delivered.

Let’s hope for more great moments this season. To make sure that you don’t miss these great games you’ll want to buy your Yankees tickets online here.

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