May 27

Broadway touring groups have been concerned about their effect on the environment. They emit thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the large trucks that transport all of the stage equipment from one city to the next.

Unfortunately, there aren’t alternative technologies available that will allow these touring companies to still get where they need to go, without contributing greatly to the environmental problem. So what do they do to “go green?”

The solution is to fund short- and long-term projects that offset the impact of the emissions. This is accomplished through NativeEnergy, inc., one of the leaders in high quality carbon offsets. These offsets will be created by new wind turbines, methane digesters on American family farms, and landfill gas projects.

When you consider that the Broadway League brings Broadway to 30 million people in New York and more than 240 cities across North America, the effect on the environment from their touring can be very large. Being ever mindful of the needs of the environment, the industry has responded appropriately to help offset their energy usage.

I think that this action represents the future of modern environmentalism. It doesn’t require huge sacrifices. We can still enjoy touring groups for our entertainment. But these groups, which generate large amounts of capital in their industry, have to take appropriate actions to make up for their large carbon footprint. You can continue to buy tickets to Broadway shows with a clean conscience.

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