Mar 31

Broadway tickets online have been a great way to find tickets for classic stage plays. But it is nice to be able to see our favorite plays put into television and film versions. Such is the case with “Peter Pan.” Producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, are developing the hit stage play into a television movie for ABC.

These producers have their work cut out for them. I say this with some personal experience with this play. I played the role of Captain Hook in a high school production. I’ve also seen the Mary Martin version from 1960.

The simple fact is that the original play is extremely corny. Although the story has become something heavily ingrained in our culture, I think we forget just how square the original material is. I foresee some real changes needed to update the script to a modern audience.

The other big challenge is the fact that the role of Peter Pan has been played by a woman, with a score written for a woman’s voice. But I’m convinced that this really won’t work with a modern audience, especially on television with close-ups of the actors.

So they’ve got their work cut out for them. But they’ve got a lot of experience with this, having brought “Cinderella,” “The Music Man” and “Hairspray” to film, with varying degrees of success. Ultimately I think it comes down to the writer’s ability to translate the original writer’s intentions into a working and contemporary rendition of the classic material.  Let’s hope it works.

Mar 31

Another week has passed and the results are in… here are the top 5 events for the past week on –

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Mar 28

As I reported earlier this week, the fifth starting position has been waving in the wind the last few weeks. It seemed to be down to Orlando Hernandez and Mike Pelfrey. Hernandez is a star but he’s struggled with his health. Pelfrey has simply pitched poorly this spring.

But it seems that the wait is nearly over. The Mets plan on making Hernandez the fifth starter if he plays well today in the Grapefruit League start. This is impressive given the fact that he’s had to totally redesign his pitching style to accommodate a bunion on his foot. To even be considered for the position shows the level of trust the management puts in him. There is something to be said for an incredible work ethic and experience.

Pelfrey has shown a lot of anxiety over the decision, hoping for the contest to be decided and over with. He’d rather not be the starting pitcher than not know if he’s going to be. Not exactly the kind of tenacious attitude one would hope from a star pitcher.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reports Hernandez’s response to the situation:

“Worry? I no worry. When the Cuban government suspended me from baseball for life, I worry a long time. This is just pitching.”

Maybe it’s that fierce but calm attitude that gives El Duque the upper hand in this contest. Make sure to get your Mets tickets now.

Mar 27

Thirteen teams have announced a startlingly unhealthy new baseball viewing option. In addition to the seat with a clear view of the game, they are offering an all you can eat buffet of gluttony.

Ticket prices range from anywhere between $30 to $200. They offer traditional ball park staples—hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, and soft drinks. They don’t, however, include beer, burgers, pizzas, or desserts.

My first complaint with this new option is this: Those are some expensive hot dogs. I’m sorry, but I would never spend $30 bucks, let alone $200 for all you can eat crap. I mean seriously, you could have all of your friends over for a rocking party with the exact same junk food for the exact same price. And I mean all of your friends.

My second problem is this: In a time when America seems to becoming aware of it’s obesity epidemic, this is offering a temptation to many food addicted individuals that could be too much to pass up, and could in fact threaten their lives. A nice buffet of organic options would be nice. Maybe a salad bar would be helpful.  But that would hardly be in the tradition of baseball which honors the hot dog as the true American staple.

But this attitude doesn’t make sense to me. Shouldn’t we be celebrating good health with professional athleticism?

For now you can buy your NY Yankee tickets in good conscious, knowing that they have yet to stoop to such lame stunts as this. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Mar 26

2007 marked the full return of the musical to the silver screen. Ever since the late 60’s, the traditional musical has been dead on screen. If you wanted to see people sing while telling a story, you had to look to the stage. Even buying Broadway tickets online was about as convenient as one could hope for in seeing a good old-fashioned musical.

But now, it seems that the trend has ended. We have a new dawn for musicals on film. 2007 brought us some real hits. It brought us a traditional modern Sondheim musical in “Sweeney Todd.” It brought us “Hairspray,” a movie which got remade as a Broadway show which then got remade back into a musical film. It also brought us the musical in the form of the Indie film shot on video in the exceptional “Once.”

We’re also seeing musicals invading the world of television, with the startling success of “High School Musical” and “High School Musical 2.”

We’re also seeing a return to the animated Disney musicals made popular in the early nineties with “The Little Mermaid.” This year the subgenre returned as a spoof of itself in the silly but fun “Enchanted.”

My hope is that with the popularization of the musical on film again we’ll also generate growth in stage productions of musicals as well.

Mar 25

So the Mets have a difficult challenge on their hands. Who should they pick for their 5th starting pitcher? They could have chosen a four man rotation to use until April 12th, but they felt that Pedro Martinez will play the best with the extra rest. So this gives them a choice between Orlando Hernandez and Mike Pelfrey.

Hernandez, otherwise known as El Duque, allowed five runs in three innings in the Mets recent loss to the Cardinals. Of course, his huge challenge is the bunion on his foot, which has forced him to completely readjust his entire style of pitching. It’s pretty remarkable to think that he’d even be considered as a starter. But his recent poor performance has made the powers that be readjust their expectations.

Then there’s Mike Pelfrey who Adam Rubin of the Daily News refers to as the “unproven underachiever.” Ouch. But given his performance against the Cardinals, allowing eight runs in 4-1/3 innings, I think the description is apt.

So what do the Mets do? In the long sports tradition of understating the truth, GM Omar Minaya says, “As a whole, you wish it would have been a better day.” So they’ve decided not to decide. All of those fans who purchase Mets tickets right now won’t know who they’ll be seeing on the mound in that fifth spot.

Mar 24

Once again it is time for our weekly installment of Hot Tickets From

This past week our users switched their focus from the previously popular Big East Tournament after it’s conclusion and were more interested in Theatre Tickets.

Our Top 5 Events for the past week were:

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Tickets

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and finally, Jersey Boys Tickets

With three of the top five events being Broadway shows, pretty interesting stuff!

Now that baseball season is upon us, I am curious see what interests people next week!

Mar 21

As you well know, there’s a new Yankee Stadium in the works. The price tag simply for clearing the land has skyrocketed! The initial estimate was $128 million. The new estimate is somewhere around $190 million. To do the math for you on that, it’s almost 50% more than expected.

The Associated Press reports:

“Unforeseen environmental problems and other hitches have raised the estimated cost from $128 million to $190 million, parks officials said at a City Council hearing Wednesday.”

Of course, this isn’t your average project. They’ll be creating 28 acres of new parkland. They’re also turning the old stadium into a children’s ballpark.

Price on the actual stadium facility has also increased dramatically. It was projected last year at $1 billion and now sits at $1.3 billion.  Opening date for the new ballpark home is 2009.

One big surprise in clearing the land, according to Parks and Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe, was an underground oil tank that they found. This little unexpected gift had to be drained and removed, escalating the price dramatically.

There are no plans to stop or adjust the project. Hopefully it will all be worth it.  Until then, we’ve got a ball season to think about. For purchasing NY Yankee tickets click on the link.

Mar 20

I have a prediction. After seeing the new Disney animated princess spoof, “Enchanted,” I think it’s going to go to Broadway. With the huge success of “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King,” and now “The Little Mermaid,” I’m sure that they’re looking for the next big stage conversion. And I think “Enchanted” screams with possibilities.

I’m imagining a large screen that comes in front of the stage for the animated segment. And then, when she enters the real world the screen lifts up and she’s on a stage. In fact, I think that the transition between the two will be even more profound in the theater setting.

I’m also imagining that Amy Adams does her Broadway debut, reprising her role, because let’s face it. She sort of owns this part.

I’m not quite sure how they’ll recreate her squirrel side kick. But I’m sure that they can figure that out.

My only complaint about the movie was I wanted more music from Alan Menkin. So the new show will have to be packed full of exciting, new, fun numbers.

Well, I think it’s inevitable. When it happens, you can tell me how right I was. Until then we’ll have to be content with “The Little Mermaid,” ordering our Broadway tickets online.

Mar 19

After beating the Red Sox 8-5, the Yankees are getting set to head to Blacksburg, VA to play Virginia Tech in an exhibition match commemorating good will for the school who faced great tragedy last April.

The game will be held on Tuesday, and although it will hardly be a tough match up, the team is excited to offer a little enjoyment to the school who lost 32 of their fellow students in the terrible shooting. It will be a quick trip for the team, flying into town in the morning, visit a memorial sight, play the game, and fly out that night.

The game will be at English Field in front of 3000 spectators. It will also be broadcast on the video board at the campus stadium.

The New York Times reports:

“The Yankees will wear hats with the Hokies’ colors, maroon with an orange NY, during batting practice. The players will sign them for a university auction. Several players grabbed extra hats as souvenirs before leaving Legends Field on Monday.”

It’s a nice move for the team and a great set up for a promising season. For your NY Yankee tickets make sure to look here online.

Mar 18

“Wow” proclaimed Ramon Castro, Pedro Martinez’s batterymate, in response to Martinez’s performance in the Mets’ recent spring win against the Tigers.

At 36, following last years late return from a rotary cuff surgery, Martinez is happy when he doesn’t have to ice his arm after a game. Of course it also helps to stick it to your opponent while feeling good. He pitched four shutout innings. He allowed four hits and struck out four. And in the end, the Mets beat the Tigers 7-4.

His pitching velocity is much stronger than in the past. But Adam Ruibin of the Daily News notes:

“Martinez has been frustrated by preoccupation with his fastball velocity, consistently noting that pitching is the art of location and changing speeds . . . But even Castro . . . was compelled to mention the extra life. It was especially evident in a bases-loaded strikeout of Ramon Santiago . . . Martinez then retired Freddy Guzman on a tapper to first base to end that threat unscathed.”

Who knows. Maybe his training stunt of pitching with his eyes shut paid off. I don’t know, but you can’t argue with results.

This may be a beautiful season for a star veteran with a little more heat in his arm. We may all need to buy our Mets tickets quick to see it for ourselves.

Mar 17

I find it hard to believe that one of the most American of books and movies, “Gone With the Wind,” will be adapted to the stage for the first time as a musical, but not on Broadway but in England, in the New London Theater. I guess when you figure that Vivian Leigh was British, it’s not such a terrible crime.

The new production opens in April of this year. It is directed by Sir Trevor Nunn. It will star Jill Paice as Scarlett O’Hara and Darius Danesh as Rhett Butler. I’ve read rumors that Hugh Jackman is being considered for the role when it finally comes to Broadway. If the play is any good, I think it’s a given.

The new play is being documented on Turner Classic Movies channel which will follow the behind the scene moments of the production right up to the opening.

The new play is said to be more heavily based on the book, emphasizing the story through the slaves eyes. Apparently, the entire production will be much darker, especially in it’s portrayal of Rhett Butler. And I’ve yet to read whether they will be including the famous last line of the movie.

If you want to see the new show when it opens you’ll have to go to England. But when it finally comes out in New York, you’ll want to get your Broadway tickets online.

Mar 17

Welcome to this week’s installment of Hot Tickets from

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Mar 14

El Duque thinks that even with a bunion on his right big toe he can starting pitch 30 games this season. He might be pipe dreaming given the fact that he hasn’t started 30 games since 1999. But there’s no doubt that he’s looking decent in spite of his foot condition.

Known for his high kick, he’s had to adjust his form to protect his toe. His new pitching stance puts less pressure on the toe. It keeps his foot flat on the mound.

Although the speed of his pitch isn’t anything amazing, it should be pointed out that he pitched 72% strikes with his new form.

Adam Rubin of the Daily News says:

“Mets brass continues to downplay any suggestions that El Duque’s reduced leg kick will drastically reduce his deception. Peterson said Hernandez’s primary deception came from changing arm angles and speeds.”

He suggests that it may be in the Mets best interest to keep him on the disabled list at first, allowing for them to carry a six-man bench, and then activating him as a fifth starter on April 12th when they face the Brewers.

Either way, it’s impressive that Hernandez could learn a new method to play the same game. That is, in my opinion, real athleticism. To see this great athlete in action make sure to get your Mets tickets now.

Mar 13

Although it can be frustrating for those who’ve bought NY Yankee tickets if they can’t see their favorite player due to a minor injury, you’ve got to give the franchise credit for playing it safe with their team members. Such was the case with Andy Pettitte.

He was scratched from the lineup because of soreness on the outer part of his elbow. They defined it as tendonitis, but also classified it as a minor concern. Mark Feinsand of the Daily News quoted Pettitte as saying:

“You all know how it is; they’re extremely cautious here. I guess it’s a good thing. If you want to pitch, it’s kind of aggravating. I understand. They don’t want me to aggravate it any more. It’s spring training.”

Indeed, it is spring training, a gloried practice session. No need to overwork him if there’s the slightest risk of continued injury.

Pettitte underwent surgery in August 2004, repairing a torn flexor tendon. This problem is in a different part of the arm—the outside of his elbow. In other words, it’s far less of a concern for the player. And it’s far less of a concern for a team that wants all of their good players healthy for what could be a great season.

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